Frew expects better from the Southern Steel

17:00, May 02 2014
Wendy Frew
ON A MISSION: Steel midcourter Wendy Frew is looking for victory against the Mystics.

Wendy Frew says her Southern Steel team are determined to finish the 2014 trans-Tasman season with a "boom" by winning all four of their remaining games.

The Steel's playoff hopes were quashed following a disappointing 65-52 loss to the New South Wales Swifts in Canberra on Anzac Day.

They now eye their final four games wanting to prove a point that they can be threat to the top teams in the competition.

The run home starts with a showdown against the Mystics in Auckland tomorrow night. "We certainly want to go out and win four out of four," Frew said.

"We've under achieved and haven't gone as well as we would have liked so for us looking at the next four games we need to finish with a boom. We need to get some good results and put some more wins on the board and set ourselves up for next year."

The Steel will square off against a Mystics side which still remain in playoff contention but the Steel won't be offering up any favours and would like to end those Mystics' hopes tomorrow.


Frew conceded the rival between fellow New Zealand team's was intense.

"You certainly want to beat all the New Zealand teams that's for sure - we probably haven't done that enough this year. We are chucking everything into Sunday, we would love to win up there."

The midcourter said there had been a determined feeling this week to get it right and put the Swifts nightmare behind them.

"The feeling from last week's game was really disappointing. We went over to Aussie knowing we could give them a good game and if we played well beat them, so for us to lose by that much was really disappointing. This week we've made sure we've trained hard we've watched a lot of video to see how we can improve and get things right for Sunday."

Tomorrow's game starts at 7.20pm in Auckland.

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