Cromwell teen off to NZ training camp

RISING STAR: Inia Logan.
RISING STAR: Inia Logan.

A 15-year-old Cromwell golf ace has captured the attention of New Zealand Golf eager to groom "representatives of the future".

Inia Logan has been selected for a New Zealand Golf national junior boys training camp next month.

Inia received a letter from New Zealand Golf last week saying he had been identified as an "emerging talented player within New Zealand Golf's National Development Programme".

The objective of the programme is to provide a player pathway for potential New Zealand representatives.

"The level you have been selected for is called the national junior boys training camp. Bringing this group of players together allows New Zealand Golf to monitor and assist the development of the ‘next generation' of New Zealand representatives," the letters says.

The programme identifies and supports potential representatives for the Trans-Tasman, Ten Nations Cup, Nomura Cup and Eisenhower Trophy, who are not already in the National Academy or who might not have previously attended a national junior training camp.

Inia said his selection was "pretty amazing" and it would take his golf to the next level.

"I was pretty happy when I received the letter," he said. "This is the first time I have been selected - it's quite a big thing."

Golf Otago executive officer Doug Harradine said Inia was the only player from the Otago-Southland area to be selected for the camp which was the first step in making New Zealand squads.

"He showed that [special talent] right from when he first picked up a golf club. I can remember when he was 10 years old standing out on the practice field hour after hour hitting golf balls working at getting better. Quite often I would be locking up the club in winter, it would be dark, and you could hear him chipping away still practising."

The camp will be held next month at St Peters School in Cambridge. At the training camp will be two PGA of New Zealand coaches, Jay Carter and Reon Sayer, 3D biomechanist and Golf Australia's sport science co-ordinator Ryan Lumsden and Golf Australia service provider and co-developer of "Shots to Hole" Stuart Leong. Sports psychologist, David Galbraith, will also deliver a workshop titled "Making a Performance Mindset Habit".

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