Last bowl gives Southland trio SI triples

17:00, Jun 08 2014

The South Island Championships proved a happy hunting ground for Southland indoor bowlers again at Ashburton, with Southlanders contesting the final of the triples event.

In the pairs, Brent Keen and Beejay Simpson lost their quarterfinal 7-8, and Gary and Graham Low went down 8-9 in their semifinal.

Defending champions Ashley Diamond, Brent Keen, Grant Fortune and Darryn Turner were the best-performed team containing Southland players in the fours but lost in the quarterfinals.

Three Southland trios qualified for the triples playoffs, where Keen, Fortune and Turner, and Gary, Graham and Jan Low won through to the final. A drawn fourth end and the scores at 4-4 after five ends epitomised their closeness. The scores were tied at 5-5 after seven ends. Keen gained a single on the eighth and was holding the win with his last bowl when the time limit expired but Gary Low, with one bowl to play, moved the jack a few millimetres to score the two shots necessary to secure the title 7-6.


The Southland Times