Southland powerlifters shine at worlds

23:25, Jun 24 2014

Southlanders played a big part in New Zealand's success at the world powerlifting championships in Potchefstroom, South Africa, recently.

The five Southlanders in the 10-member Kiwi team were Sonia Manaena, Bronwyn Stevens, Ashley Templeton, Andy Mahon and Cameron Andrews.

The New Zealand team brought home a haul of medals and broke many national and international records with their performances.

Manaena, attending her 11th world championship, won a bronze medal overall. She gained a gold medal in the deadlift and bronze in the squat and bench press. Manaena set two world masters' records for her deadlift and overall total.

"The worlds are special and to see a New Zealand team [including five Southlanders] there, is great," Manaena said.

Templeton also won a bronze medal overall and bagged a silver in the bench press. Andrews' efforts were rewarded with a bronze medal overall, a gold in the bench press and a silver in the squat. Mahon's bronze in the squat was the first men's open medal won by a New Zealander at the world championships in more than 10 years.

Mahon, Templeton, Stevens and Andrews broke Commonwealth and New Zealand records at the championships.

"Being on the world stage with top lifters inspires you to go back," Stevens said.

"You know what you've got to do for next time."


The Southland Times