Good news at last for Stags' Fullback Robinson

BACK IN THE GAME: Southland's Robbie Robinson.
BACK IN THE GAME: Southland's Robbie Robinson.

Fullback Robbie Robinson has been given the green light to get back into training and hopes he can still play some part in this year's national provincial championship season after all.

The 24-year-old former New Zealand Maori representative, who has played 61 games for Southland, was left in limbo when a hip injury threatened to end his career prematurely.

After being ruled out of the Super Rugby season Robinson had planned to head overseas on an OE in April to try and shift his mind from the potential career ending injury to something different.

However, days out from flying, Robinson was advised he had an appointment with a surgeon for a scan and from there he was told he needed urgent surgery. After 12 weeks of recovering from the hip operation Robinson was given the news he had been desperately wanting.

Robinson was told that he could get back into training with the hope to have another crack at playing rugby again. "It's the best news I have had in a while," a delighted Robinson told The Southland Times.

"[The surgeon] said he nailed it and he was real happy.

"He has basically said 'have a crack at getting as fit as you can' and then he will give me another scan in about a month and see what it is like.

"If it's causing me no pain then sweet, and if it is I'll probably have to get some more surgery."

Robinson said he would love to get back on the rugby field and play the national provincial championship season starting next month. His last game of rugby was on November 9 2013 when he lined up for New Zealand Maori against the United States in Philadelphia

Given he still needs to prove his fitness and the provincial season is just five weeks from starting Robinson acknowledges he does have a battle on his hands but is willing to give it a crack. He hasn't signed with a union yet but said he had kept in contact with Stags coach Brad Mooar as to where he is at.

"It is still all a bit up in the air at the moment, I've just got see how I go in the next couple of weeks. Obviously if a team does want me I am a risk to any of them because of the injury. So I'm available but it is just that I come at a risk I suppose," he said yesterday.

He was thankful to at least be able to get back into training.

"A good 12 weeks I've been doing nothing so I'm certainly keen to get stuck into it again.

"But it's no running at the moment, it's all rowing and that sort of stuff which isn't all that enjoyable, but I've got to start somewhere to get fit."

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