7-1 shocker stuns Queenstown's Brazilians

22:54, Jul 09 2014
Brazil fans
TOO MANY: Devastated fans in Queenstown (from left) Bruno Bento, Lucas Petringa, Paulo Ceccarelli, Marcos Fernandez and friends watch in disbelief.

Brazilian Paulo Ceccerelli, with his head in his hands, could barely speak after his country's astonishing loss in the World Cup.

Ceccarelli, a Queenstown resident for seven years, returned home to Sao Paulo and watched the opening game of the World Cup.

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Back in Queenstown, he could barely talk after the 7-1 hammering yesterday.

Brazil fans thousands of kilometres from home hugged one another in bars, at work and on the street in Queenstown after Germany's stunning win in the first semifinal.

Queenstown has a large Brazilian and South American population of about 2000 people - who watched the game is disbelief.


In Brazz, a group of Brazilian and Argentinian friends secured front row seats but, after 20 minutes, they could hardly bear to watch.

Bruno Bento, of Santa Catarina in southern Brazil, said he was in touch with family back home during the game. He just returned to New Zealand after a trip home a few weeks before the World Cup kicked off.

"It's going to be a sad day. Shame, that's what my family think. We need more experience to win. Brazil is a big party and when I was home all the streets everywhere people were talking about the World Cup, yellow and green everywhere."

Argentinian Marcos Fernandez, who arrived in the resort in October, said the Brazil side was young, inexperienced and lost key players like Neymar.

He was hoping his country's team can win one for the South Americans during today's semifinal against the Nether- lands.

During yesterday's's match, one of his friends said: "If God is Brazilian he is on holidays."

Brazilian jiu jitsu coach Jose Gomes, a Queenstown resident for nine years, said he was unable to watch any more after 30 minutes of the first half.

"I thought it was horrible. It wasn't good, Brazil just didn't play and Germany did really well. It was a shame. Everybody was expecting them to win, the whole thing was a bit of a shock."

Queenstown Events Centre staff member Danniel Bocatios, originally from Rio, was given a ‘Sorry for your loss' card by colleagues when he arrived at work after watching the game at home.

"I personally think it was mainly because Silva [the Brazil captain who was suspended for the semi] was missing and he is the leader. He ran everything from the back, he's very talkative and we did miss him more than maybe Neymar up front.

"It wasn't our day and Germany had great accuracy. Everybody is very sad about the way we lost, not the loss itself. Losing to Germany is fine, it's kind of normal but losing by seven to one.

"But it's football, you can't really predict these sorts of things."

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