Kolk Cup down to a duel

Frontrunners Southend United and Queenstown Rovers stayed on track for Southland Football's Premier Women's Kolk Cup title when they recorded contrasting wins yesterday.

The two teams share top placing on the points table and have moved well clear of the other remaining teams.

Southend United, however, have the advantage of a game in hand over their close rival.

At Surrey Park in Invercargill, Southend United had little difficulty in accounting for Waihopai 6-1, while at Queenstown the home team had to battle all the way and come from behind to eventually edge out Thistle 2-1.

Former Waihopai player Theresa Rhein continued her march towards the Women's Golden Boot honour as she netted three goals for Southend United in their game against her former team.

Nicole Dawson (two) and Hayley Munro scored the further goals.

Deborah Bloxham put Thistle 1-0 up ahead in their game against Queenstown at the resort and the visitors held that margin for an hour until Rose O'Neill and Susan McKenzie snatched the late victory for Queenstown.


Kolk Cup: Southend United Development 3, Queens Park 0.

Division one: Old Boys 1, Western Rovers 0; Gore Wanderers 11, Queens Park Two, 0.

The Southland Times