Greyhound pair disqualified for assaults

20:23, Aug 05 2014

Peter Seque, a greyhound trainer and Niko Simonsen, a licensed greyhound handler, have both been disqualified for assaults on other trainers at the Otago Greyhound Racing Club meeting at Forbury Park on April 15.

Seque, 21, has been disqualified for five months and Simonsen, 16, for nine months for acts detrimental or prejudicial to the image of greyhound racing. The disqualifications take effect from tomorrow week.

The Judicial Control Authority (JCA) members, Geoff Hall and David Jackson, who heard the charges in Dunedin on July 10, took into account that Seque and Simonsen had been warned off by New Zealand Greyhound Racing on May 19.

This barred them from entering a greyhound racetrack until the results of charges relating to the incidents were known.

Seque is disqualified until October 18 and Simonsen is barred from entering a greyhound track until February 18, 2015.

Seque was charged with assaulting trainer, Stephen Evans at the Forbury Park meeting. Seque admitted using obscene and insulting language to another licence holder, Bonnie Evans (wife of Stephen) at the Christchurch meeting on April 4. He was fined $250 on that charge.


He called her a '' slut''.

Simonsen admitted assaulting Evans at the Forbury Park meeting. He was found guilty of assaulting trainer and president of the Otago club John Guthrie the same day.

The assault on Evans by Seque and the obscene language charge had origins in failure to pay a traffic fine. Evans called Seque a '' thief'' at the Forbury Park meeting and the finding said Evans was ''not completely blameless in this episode''.

Hall and Jackson found that the conduct of Simonsen was totally unacceptable and aggravated by the fact that he joined in an altercation in which he had no reason to be involved.

He rained punches on Evans' head from behind when Evans was already being punched by Seque.

Simonsen then fought with Guthrie who had intervened to break up the fight. Simonsen continued to hit Guthrie when both were on the ground.

Simonsen was found guilty on both charges and received concurrent terms of disqualification of nine months.

Seque and Simonsen were ordered to pay costs of $250 to the Racing Integrity Unit and $250 to the JCA.

The Southland Times