Janine Southby extends her Southern Steel stay

17:00, Aug 11 2014
Janine Southby
STAYING ON: Janine Southby, centre, gives instructions to her players as they take a breather.

Janine Southby will remain at the helm of both the Southern Steel and the FAST5 Ferns.

Head coach of the Steel for the past three seasons, Southby has been reappointed by the franchise for a further two-year term.

"I enjoy the challenge the ANZ Championship brings and the challenge of developing a winning formula with the Steel," Southby said.

"We're always striving to be better and that's the aim from my perspective as a coach.

"High performance is about dealing with the hurdles and forging ahead as best you can and over the last couple of years that's been a hallmark of what we've done."

With the 2015 Steel roster nearing completion, Southby is excited about the team's prospects for next season and beyond.


"The group we have put together is the mix we need moving forward. The players we've re-signed are chomping at the bit and the new girls are eager to be part of the culture we're creating," she said.

"Our strength is as a team, not as a team of individuals."

Southby regarded the perceived youth in Steel's ranks as a positive.

"That youthful enthusiasm can overcome a lot of barriers. The ANZ Championship is an elite competition but the reality for New Zealand is we are lacking in depth so we have to play a greater role in player development," she said.

"We actually don't have a choice now - we have to do it and it's an exciting prospect to see the talent which will emerge."

Southby, who has been involved in High Performance Sport New Zealand's coach accelerator programme for the past three years, said creating pathways for coaches was also vital.

"The learning I've done professionally and personally through the accelerator programme has been outstanding and I want to share that knowledge and experience, not only in netball circles but with other codes," she said. "Like all high performance coaches, I have a responsibility to help provide pathways and support for people coming through and that's a real focus for me."

Netball New Zealand also announced yesterday Southby's reappointment as FAST5 Ferns coach for the 2014 FAST5 Netball World Series in November.

Southby's recent coaching roles have also included the New Zealand under-21 team which won gold at the World Youth Netball Championships in Scotland last year.

NNZ Chief Executive Hilary Poole said this is another great opportunity for Southby to coach on the world stage.

"Janine is part of Netball New Zealand's high performance coaching programme and her re-appointment as FAST5 Ferns coach is well deserved.

"The FAST5 Netball world series is a very special event on our calendar and I know Janine will do her very best to secure the winning formula again with the Ferns," Poole said.

Southby said was delighted to be given another opportunity to coach the FAST5 Ferns. "I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience last year so I had no hesitation in putting up my hand for another go," she said.

"It's a whirlwind event and it'll be a fun way for the girls to end their year after a really busy international season."

Six teams will compete for the FAST5 title with England, South Africa, Australia, Malawi and Jamaica competing alongside the FAST5 Ferns.

The FAST5 world championship is back at Auckland's Vector Arena on November 8-9.

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