Mum relishes chance to get in the ring

17:00, Aug 14 2014
Cilla Tauroa
RARING TO GO: Cilla Tauroa.

Cilla Tauroa is treating her late callup to box at the Fight for Kidz as one of life's challenges.

Being out of her comfort zone doesn't faze Tauroa and after tomorrow night's bout with Jamie Lemalie at Stadium Southland, Invercargill, she'll be on the lookout for another challenge.

Two years ago Tauroa drove a stockcar in a three-race invitation women's event at Riverside Speedway at Sandy Point.

"I won the first race. In the second race, the car stalled and in the third race it spun right round," said Tauroa, who is transport administrator in the Richardson HW Group Ltd in Invercargill.

She was a spectator at the past two Fight for Kidz events.

While watching the 2010 edition Tauroa thought: "I could give this a go". She applied in March to fight this year but missed out.


However, some who were selected pulled out and on June 30, event co-organiser Dave Bartley contacted Tauroa hoping she would agree to fill in.

She accepted and Bartley ended the conversation by saying she had training with the Red team in an hour.

"Within half an hour [of arriving] I was in the ring," Tauroa said.

"It was like holy moly . . . When I was walking away from the ring, I thought, ‘what have I got myself into?'. It's not a natural thing to want to do to go and hit someone."

Some weeks Tauroa has had four training nights of either boxing or corporate pursuit cycling.

"It's been crazy, but I've absolutely loved it. I'm going to miss it [boxing training], I've made some great friends."

Despite, missing the first six weeks of the three-month training programme, Tauroa is satisfied with the crash course given to her.

Like the other boxers, she is pleased to support the charity event, which is raising money for Ruru School.

Tauroa's 14-year-old twin daughters, Aimee and Bailey, support her decision to box.

"Both of them have been keen for me to do it. They've given me that wee push when I feel, ‘am I doing the right thing?'."

The twins' best friend, Marcelle Fetolofai, is a daughter of Ron Fetolofai, who is also boxing on tomorrow night's card.

The twins will also be competing at the weekend when they represent Southland in an under-16 water polo tournament in Dunedin.

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