Senior athletics post comes south

06:13, Sep 05 2014
Nigel Skelt and Henry Tudor
CAMERA READY: Nigel Skelt with newly appointed national athletics vice-president Henry Tudor setting up photo finish at Surrey Park.

Athletics Southland president Henry Tudor is the new Athletics New Zealand vice-president.

Tudor was confirmed as the national body's vice-president at the Athletics NZ annual meeting in August.

His involvement in athletics began in 1983, when he joined the St Paul's Harriers Club and during the past 30 years he has assumed leadership positions throughout Southland athletics, as well as nationally.

Tudor had known he was set to be appointed to the role but had not expected it to be this year but due to illness the other appointee had to be replaced, he said.

As vice-president he will be working in a mostly ceremonial role for 12 months before taking over the role of president at next year's Athletics NZ annual meeting.

He's excited to watch athletics continue to develop.


"There's a lot of exciting things happening [in athletics], particularly in Southland with the development programme," he said.

Throughout his appointment he would not be making many changes to how athletics runs at a national level, but wants to continue to get young people involved in the sport, he said.

Tudor already dedicates much of his time to athletics with vast experience in administrative and official roles. He does photo finish at events across the country, and officiated at the Oceania Championships and the International Paralympic Committee Athletics World Championships in Christchurch, in 2010 and 2011 respectively.

Watching Southland athletes develop their skills in other areas, was great and something he wanted to continue to watch, he said.

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