Axmen battle bad weather at Riverton chop

01:07, Jan 05 2010

Sixty axemen defied unkind weather to get through a large programme at the Riverton round of the Southland summer bushcraft circuit on Wednesday.

One of the best cuts of the day was from veteran Australian axeman Darrell Hayden.

Hayden came to New Zealand as a travelling axeman in 1974 and has been a welcome returnee on this year's circuit.

Local cutter Steve Manaena showed his form is on the improve when he won the big underhand final.

Manaena also won the 300mm division four underhand and the gruelling single saw final.

The big championship of the day went to powerhouse axeman Adam Lowe (Hokitika) who hit with precision and speed to beat Queenslander Peter Whitehouse, Stew Vaughan (Tuatapere) and Bobby Dowling (Invercargill).


Manaena and Craig Unahi won the double hand sawing event, while Bobby Baird and Vaughan cut well to claim second place ahead of another Southland pairing in Kevin and Bobby Dowling.

The Jack and Jill double saw was won by two newcomers to the sport, Andrew Charlton and Kowhai Binsdale.

Canterbury's gritty Karyn Quinn won the popular women's underhand.

Second placed Ashleigh Heath, from the West Coast, is improving with each meeting and Hokitika's Zabrina Lowe chopped well off a handicap of 40sec to finish third.

Canterbury's Ethan Gibson won the junior chop.

The circuit was able to get some well-earned rest yesterday having been in action since December 27, but it will be all action in Tuatapere today as the field helps to celebrate the event's 100th anniversary.


Veterans underhand – final only: T Rice, 1; D Hayden, 2; M Mason, 3; B Simpson, 4.

Small underhand – division 1: A Cox, 1; S Vaughan, 2; A Lowe, 3; E Burke, 4.

Small underhand – division 2: A Mason, 1; D Hayden, 2; B Baird, 3; G Molloy, 4.

Small underhand – division 3: K Heaps, 1; C Morgan, 2; N Egerton, 3; P Large, 4.

Small underhand – division 4: S Manaena, 1; D Unahi, 2; M Egerton, 3; J Curran, 4.

Small underhand – division 5: S Johnston, 1; L McKay, 2; W Robertson, 3; B Simpson, 4.

Big underhand – final: S Manaena, 1; K Heaps, 2; K Thompson, 3; M Mason, 4.

Championships underhand – final only: A Lowe, 1; P Whitehouse, 2; S Vaughan, 3; B Dowling, 4.

Big standing – final: D Hayden, 1; N Egerton, 2; C Unahi, 3; E Burke, 4.

Restricted standing – final only: M Egerton, 1; A Charlton, 2; A Scobie, 3; G Davy, 4.

Single saw – final: S Manaena, 1; S Unahi, 2; B Dowling, 3; E Burke, 4.

Double saw (Peg) – final: S Manaena and C Unahi, 1; B Baird and S Vaughan, 2; B Dowling and K Dowling, 3; E Burke and P Whitehouse, 4.

Jack and Jill double saw – final: A Charlton and K Binsdale, 1; N List and M Tait, 2; J Cox and A Heath, 3; P Large and T Large, 4.

Jill single saw – final: Z Lowe, 1; R Roberts, 2; R Windley, 3; K Quinn, 4.

Jill double saw – final: S List and M Tait, 1; K Corbin and S Corbin, 2; Z Lowe and R Windley, 3; K Quinn and R Roberts, 4.

Axe throwing – final only: M Egertson 1; E Burke, 2; D Lane, 3; J Tuhega, 4.

Jill awe throwing – final only: S List, 1; C Egerton, 2; J McWilliam, 3.

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