Victoria beats Otago in debating contest

04:27, Apr 16 2010

In what was being touted as the best match up of the round, Victoria 2 took on Otago 1 in the Uni Games debating competition yesterday.

Twenty teams are competing for the gold in debating – a title held by Victoria for an impressive 11 consecutive years.

The two teams met at last year's event, with Victoria earning bragging rights. However, Otago's Nick Gavey said it was a less experienced, younger team that was beaten.

After losing the toss, Victoria's Seb Templeton and Richard D'Ath choose the topic: "That this house would remove all sanctions against repressive regimes". Otago opted to negate.

After both teams had argued their respective points, the adjudicators awarded the debate 2-1 to Victoria – enabling the team to progress one step closer to continuing its impressive reign when the finals begin today.

Most debaters competing were law students. Templeton said it was probably more a personality trait of students attracted to law, rather than students debating to become better lawyers.

Organiser Will Chisholm said a good debater possessed "the ability to listen to the other team", enabling them to refute the opposing side's points.

He said debating is one of the founding sports of the annual Uni Games and he was impressed overall with the debates staged to date this year.

At the completion of yesterday's round robin, Victoria 1 and 2 and Auckland 2 and 3 earned spots in the semifinals. The grand final will be held today at 5pm in the Victoria Room of the Civic Theatre.


The Southland Times