Steady buildup key to a good result on big day

19:38, Sep 06 2012

The key word this week is consistency.

Building fitness is a gradual process with each week building on the week and weeks previous. What you do this week will impact on the weeks ahead.

In other words - not training because it's too cold, too wet or you're too tired, will catch up on you on the big day.

So whatever event you are aiming for in the Ascot Park Hotel Southland Festival of Running, be patient and be consistent. Most of us got away with intense cramming in the week or two before exams back in school days but leaving it to the last minute will not work when preparing for a marathon, half marathon, 10k or 5k.

Ascot Park Hotel Southland Marathon and Half Marathon

Sunday: 45 minutes


Monday: 20 minutes

Wednesday: 40 to 60 minutes

Friday: 40 minutes

Saturday: 30 minutes

Same rules as last week: jog if you can, walk when you want, rest when you feel like it. If you want to or can go longer do so providing you do not get puffed or tired and do less if you need to.

McDermotts Coachlines 10k

Sunday: 40 minutes

Monday: 20 minutes with 3 or 4 by 60m or so strideouts (s/o)

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: 40 minutes

Thursday: 30 minutes

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 20 minutes - this time do it as 5 minutes very easy running (slower than normal), 10 minutes steady (slightly faster than normal) then 5 minutes very easy again. The steady section in the middle must be at a pace you can sustain for the entire 10 minutes and should be at the limit of your conversation pace - any faster and you can no longer carry on talking.

The Southland Times 150 Years 5k

Sunday: 30 minutes

Monday: 20 minutes

Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday: 30 minutes

Thursday: Walk 30 minutes

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 20 minutes plus 4 x 60m s/o

Online entries are open now on the Southland Festival of Running website at:

The event is presented by Athletics Southland and Sport Southland.

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