Volts secure first-innings points from near-defeat

A stubborn eighth-wicket partnership from Otago Volts Neil Broom and Marc Craig salvaged a draw from a likely defeat in their four-day Plunket Shield game against the Northern Knights in Hamilton.

The Volts started day four yesterday on the back foot at 12 for two, needing to bat the remainder of the day to claim the draw.

The task got a lot more difficult when they lost nightwatchman Neil Wagner and Michael Bracewell in quick succession to be 50-4.

Darren Broom (21) and Jimmy Neesham (32) offered a little bit of resistance but it was Neil Broom and Craig who were the stars of the day for the Volts.

When Craig joined Broom at the crease, the Volts were 191 for seven and still had 50 overs to bat in the day's play.

The batsmen hunkered down, frustrating the Northern Knights bowlers who eventually got the breakthrough they were after with six overs to play in the day.

By that stage the Volts were all but out of trouble, and Broom and new batsman Ian Butler saw out the remaining overs to finish the day 353 for eight.

The Volts picked up first-innings points from the game to turn what looked like being a bleak situation into a great result.

It was Broom who deservedly received plenty of praise following the game after he had seen off 267 balls in his unbeaten knock of 146.

It was the 28-year-old former international's 11th first-class century.

Meanwhile, in the other Plunket Shield game which also finished yesterday, Central Districts cruised to a four-wicket win over Auckland.

Scoreboards -

AUCKLAND ACES Second Innings L Vincent c Carl Cachopa b Bracewell 8

T McIntosh c van Wyk b A Mathieson 35

R Young c van Wyk b Lamb 8

A Kitchen c Young b Nethula 60

C de Grandhomme c van Wyk b Mathieson 6

G Hopkins c Sinclair b Nethula 41

C Munro c van Wyk b Bracewell 103

B Martin lbw b Nethula 7

M Bates c Bracewell b Mathieson 59

M McClenaghan not out 11

C Martin lbw Nethula 1

Extras (b 12, lb 2, nb 12) 26

Total (for 10 wickets, 98.0 overs) 365

Fall: 1-15 (Vincent, 5.1), 2-25 (Young, 6.6), 3-84 (McIntosh, 22.4), 4-98 (de Grandhomme, 26.3), 5-147 (Kitchen, 37.2), 6-182 (Hopkins, 49.1), 7-193 (Martin, 51.5), 8-326 (Munro, 86.6), 9-360 (Bates, 96.5), 10-365 (Martin, 97.6)

Bowling: A Lamb 19-3-83-1, D Bracewell 22-1-87-2 (4nb), A Mathieson 17-0-71-3, K Noema-Barnett 1-0-5-0, C Cachopa 7-1-28-0 (1nb), T Nethula 28-3-67-4 (7nb), J How 4-1-10-0

CENTRAL STAGS Second Innings (target: 146 runs) J How c Kitchen b McClenaghan 22

J Raval lbw B Martin 48

C Cachopa st Hopkins b B Martin 1

M Sinclair c Hopkins b B Martin 4

W Young c Hopkins b McClenaghan 36

C van Wyk c Hopkins b McClenaghan 6

K Noema-Barnett not out 14

D Bracewell not out 13

Extras (lb 1, wd 3, nb 1) 5

Total (for 6 wickets, 46.2 overs) 149

Fall: 1-51 (How, 17.2), 2-52 (Cachopa, 18.1), 3-57 (Sinclair, 18.5), 4-98 (Raval, 34.4), 5-119 (van Wyk, 41.3), 6-120 (Young, 41.6)

Bowling: C Martin 11-1-37-0, M McClenaghan 16-2-55-3 (1w), M Bates 4-1-12-0, B Martin 15.2-4-44-3 (1nb).

OTAGO VOLTS Second Innings (target: 440 runs) A Redmond lbw Baker 1

H Rutherford c Wheater b Baker 0

M Bracewell c Wilson b Anderson 32

N Wagner c Anderson b Baker 10

N Broom not out 146

D Broom lbw Sodhi 21

D de Boorder lbw Arnel 3

J Neesham b Sodhi 32

M Craig c Flynn b Arnel 93

I Butler not out 6

Extras (b 4, lb 3, wd 1, nb 1) 9

Total (for 8 wickets, 115.0 overs) 353

Fall: 1-1 (Rutherford, 1.1), 2-4 (Redmond, 5.2), 3-38 (Wagner, 21.4), 4-50 (Bracewell, 24.2), 5-115 (Broom, 43.1), 6-122 (de Boorder, 44.3), 7-191 (Neesham, 63.4), 8-340 (Craig, 107.5)

Bowling: B Arnel 32-11-87-2, J Baker 24-8-74-3 (1w), C Anderson 11-1-35-1, T Goodin 9-2-31-0, I Sodhi 32-4-100-2, A Devcich 7-0-19-0 (1nb).

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