The karate kid

02:35, Dec 05 2012
Queenstown sensei Chris McGregor and 4th kyu purple belt karate pupil Seth Mawhinney
Queenstown sensei Chris McGregor and 4th kyu purple belt karate pupil Seth Mawhinney doing karta exercises in the Athol Street dojo.

Queenstown karate kid Seth Mawhinney is riding high on silver and bronze medals won recently in a major international karate tournament, but is looking ahead to more top results in 2014.

Ten-year-old Seth earned a silver medal in the kumete sparring section and a bronze in the karta or form execution of the Kawata Cup, held in Melbourne late last month.

The international youth tournament is held every two years, and will next be held in Japan in 2014, where Seth hopes to improve on his already impressive results.

''It's good to get some really good results, but karate is more about concentration and discipline and training, and if I keep that up I'll be hoping to get some more good results in Japan too, '' he said.

As karate pupils at the Queenstown dojo keep up their strict twice-weekly training regime throughout 2013, expect to see some equally determined fundraising taking place around the resort, as Seth and others earn funds to get to Japan.

''I'm not sure how we'll be fundraising exactly yet, but we'll probably be doing some sausage sizzles around the place to start with.''

Queenstown Samurai Karate children and youth sensei Chris McGregor said it was a pleasure to see Seth's training pay off with great results.

''Our classes are all about discipline, respect and concentration, and once pupils start mastering these aspects of life we usually see them start achieving results in karate. Seth has done really well because there are large numbers of kids who come to classes, but only a few who go on to compete, especially at the Kawata Cup level.''


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