Chance to aid future development

19:02, Dec 17 2012

A discussion on talent development in Southland will take place this evening, and members of a working party are encouraging anyone with an interest in that area to attend.

A small working party - formed by a group with a vested interest in talent development, including Richard Hoskin, Jason McKenzie, Mike Piper, Keith Brown and Sid Cumming - has been meeting regularly to discuss the future of talent development within Southland.

The working group is in the initial stages of commissioning a report into talent development, and tonight's meeting, which will take place in the Sarah Ulmer Lounge at the velodrome between 5.30pm and 6.30pm, will offer regional sports organisations and interested parties the chance to have input into how that report progresses.

"In a survey of Southland sports, regional sports organisations identified talent development as one of their key priorities moving forward," Hoskin said.

"This meeting is really a chance to explain what we are looking to do, in terms of commissioning a report into talent development, and to get input from sports in our province as to what they see as significant in that area," he said.

Hoskin said the goal of the report was to better understand the importance of talent development to Southland's sporting community and look at where it might sit in the future.


It will also look at how the future of talent development in Southland might look whilst aligning with national talent development strategy, currently being developed by Sport New Zealand.

"As a working party, we see talent development as a critical part of Southland's sporting scene," Hoskin said.

"Without pre-empting any outcomes, we would anticipate some form of connection to the very successful Academy Southland programme.

"We are looking forward to progressing with the report, and it will certainly be beneficial to get input from all interested parties," he says.

Anyone who would like to attend the meeting should email

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