Hoskin proud of staff achievements

19:39, Dec 20 2012
Richard Hoskin
GOALS SET AND MET: Outgoing Sport Southland chief executive Richard Hoskin.

Richard Hoskin will walk away today after four years at Sport Southland, confident he's left the business in at least as good a position as the way he found it.

Hoskin has been chief executive, since 2008, of an organisation which offers a wide range of services across the health and sporting sectors. He took over from long-term boss Helen Young.

The highlights had come from the way staff had performed during that time, Hoskin said.

He said, for him, it was in terms of programme and services and delivery, "being able to assemble what I think is a really high quality group of people and giving them the opportunity to deliver in the health sector, events and the sport and rec sectors in our community".

"I don't micro-manage them but they've got to always do the right thing and meet whatever the agreed goals and targets are and they get the job done."

Hoskin had attempted to bring a business model to Sport Southland, focusing particularly on four events - the Milford Mountain Classic, Moonshine Trail, Surf to City and the Festival of Running.


"Those are our four icon events and we try to do them really well. We also help with all and sundry other events, maybe as many as 20 or 30."

"We've grown our business over the last four years, although we've had to dismantle the health side of things given we lost some [funding] and we had to make some change. The majority of those tasks and services are in place but with less people, and we've really grown the sports side of things, and the events."

Hoskin said a sign of the confidence shown in the Sport Southland staff was the fact his replacement had come from within the organisation, with Brendon McDermott stepping up from the general manager role next year.

"I think Brendon is a safe and competent pair of hands. He's what the organisation needs now, to consolidate all the stuff we've got, and then look to grow it again when he's ready."

Hoskin has been involved in Southland sport, in one way or another, for the past decade.

Earlier in the 2000s he shared a small coaching role with Peter Skelt with the Southland Cricket Association and the former first class cricketer later became the association's first chief executive.

That role saw him play a major part in the redevelopment of the Queens Park pavilion and the grounds, although he remains frustrated at the Invercargill City Council's reluctance to assist with drainage costs at the ground and its lack of a sport and recreation policy in general.

A former Otago cricket selector, he also spent time as the Otago Cricket Association's commercial manager before joining Sport Southland.

Hoskin's immediate future is undecided. He will have a volunteer role with the management of the New Zealand PGA Championships at The Hills next year and is also actively involved in the development of daughter Laura's burgeoning amateur golf career.

"I haven't got anything in front of me today or on the horizon, from a work point of view. My world isn't about to collapse but, like everyone else, I have to work and I might end up driving a bus to Coronet Peak."

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