Benefit of exercise begins to take effect

03:45, Jan 25 2013
Trudy Burdon Running Mum column
Trudy Burdon is a working mother of four who has been trying to get back into exercise. She is training for her first half marathon, the Southern Lakes half marathon in Wanaka on March 31.

I pushed the boat out yesterday.

I extended my route from the 3km circuit around part of Queens Park that I've been doing three times a week for the past three weeks.

I knew the time was coming to vary the jogs, but it came sooner than expected.

It has been a busy week and in order to jog and then have time to write this column (child-free), I had to be out the door at 6.30am.

That crisp, fresh air on a sleepy- eyed face is something I'm not used to.

Jogging early was one thing, but jogging further only happened because at that time of the morning I am not comfortable with jogging down the middle of Queens Park on my own.


I feel a bit silly saying this, but I am a little bit paranoid about someone jumping out of a bush.

I don't jog with headphones on because I like to hear my surroundings and what's coming up behind me.

But I make life a little bit difficult as I am not keen on jogging in really busy areas either.

I don't like jogging where there is a lot of traffic or where lots of people can see me.

But at the end of the day I chose traffic over jogging down the middle of Queens Park.

So yes, I jogged the whole way around the outside because I am a chicken.

This got me thinking about jogging with others.

I have arranged to jog with a couple of friends tomorrow and, like me, at this stage of fitness, they are not that keen to wog (walk/jog) with others.

The thought of holding others up and huffing and puffing is not the best.

But for us, it is just about getting out there with someone else and having a laugh.

This week I am feeling more comfortable with my jogging and it's making me happier at home.

I am finding it easier to deal with everyday family things.

I am starting to feel the benefits of exercise and I am a bit surprised how quick that has happened.

Sometimes it's hard to get out there and I don't particularly like jogging (yet), but I love how I'm feeling and what I'm achieving.

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