The art of 'wogging'

16:00, Jan 25 2013
Trudy Burdon Running Mum column
Trudy Burdon is a working mother of four who has been trying to get back into exercise. She is training for her first half marathon, the Southern Lakes half marathon in Wanaka on March 31.

The coffee run is my favourite.

Last Sunday I wogged (walked/jogged) with two friends and really enjoyed it.

We chatted, laughed, puffed and had a coffee at the end.

The exercise was good, but as a busy mum the best part for me was socialising.

Unfortunately, catching up with friends (child-free) can somehow find its way at the bottom of the priority list.

Washing and cleaning, you know all the fun stuff, seems to take priority.


So the coffee run is something my friends and I are doing once a week from now on. It would be great to get a few more people along, more details on that later.

I am now 10 weeks away from running my first half marathon and it is time to step it up.

Since I started jogging four weeks ago I have been slow and I haven't jogged more than 3-4kms, but I'm really happy that I have been able to jog on a regular basis.

Now I am feeling a bit stronger I think I'm ready to add in one 6-10km jog a week.

A good training run for me would be the Surf to City on February 10.

There are a variety of distances to choose from, but I will have to do the 12km run from Oreti Beach to Queens Park.

If you are thinking of starting exercise it would be a good event to go in with a friend as you can walk, bike, jog, push a buggy, whatever takes your fancy.

The holidays are coming to an end for me.

The rush for my two oldest to buy school uniforms and stationery is on and my two youngest (not at school yet) are wondering what all the fuss is about.

Starting part time work again will be a real test as far as exercise goes and being organised will be paramount.

I have to admit this is the first week I have found writing a column difficult.

It isn't too different to the stage I've reached in my exercise routine.

The ideas, excitement and novelty are wearing off - now it's about putting the work in.

At this stage it is easy to hit a brick wall, but I'm going to stick in there and I hope you do to.

Thanks for all the feedback I've received so far, it's been great to hear from people who say they can relate to some of the things I've been writing about.

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