Undies problem sorted

03:44, Jan 25 2013
Trudy Burdon Running Mum column
Trudy Burdon is a working mother of four who has been trying to get back into exercise. She is training for her first half marathon, the Southern Lakes half marathon in Wanaka on March 31.

Being a regular mum of four, I didn't expect too many people to be that interested in what I'm up to.

But I have had great support from people since my first column and I would like to thank everyone and let them know it has helped me to do three walk/jogs this past week.

I did my first walk/jog this time last week. My course has been half of Queens Park. From my home it's about 3.2km.

I walked to the start of the track and could see three fit people running towards me, so without hesitation I sprinted (felt like a sprint, but was more like a jog).

After one minute (I kid you not), I got the stitch, but before I stopped I turned around to make sure the fit people were gone, and then I walked.

About this time I realised my choice of underwear wasn't a good one because my bra straps kept falling down and my underpants were heading in the other direction.


After two minutes the stitch had disappeared, so I started jogging again, only to be stopped by a shoelace that had come undone. I was questioning what I was doing, and why.

I had no good answer, but thinking about it got me 10 more minutes down the track.

By this time I had reached the rose garden.

Have you seen and smelt those roses? They're amazing.

I managed to complete my walk/ jog but found it bittersweet as it was good getting the first one out of the way, but mentally difficult coming to grips with the fact that I couldn't physically jog for longer than five minutes at one time.

I was welcomed home with cheers and clapping from my children and husband.

Messages from people have helped keep me positive.

My second walk/jog was harder than the first - although I was better prepared in the clothing department.

My husband got me to sign up for Run Keeper, which is an app and website that tracks your exercise progress.

I'm not usually into this kind of thing, but, apart from my phone giving me a heck of a fright part way through when it told me how far I'd gone and how many kms a minute I was doing, I think it's working for me.

I don't want to be slower than the last walk/jog. I'm actually looking forward to my next jog - yes I will call it a jog now.

My third outing was a success. I actually felt better and was able to jog (at a bit of a walker's pace) the whole way round.

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