Time to replace thoughts of self-pity

03:44, Jan 25 2013
Trudy Burdon Running Mum column
Trudy Burdon is a working mother of four who has been trying to get back into exercise. She is training for her first half marathon, the Southern Lakes half marathon in Wanaka on March 31.

It's been a tough week. The body is over the initial shock of exercise, but it still hasn't adjusted to a regular exercise routine.

While I am jogging more than walking now, I haven't been enjoying it.

My husband tells me I have had a more positive attitude over the last couple of weeks and I do feel better after having done the exercise, but while I am jogging I don't find it fun or a barrel of laughs. It is hard work.

I guess that is the reality of making the choice to change old habits.

Physically, I have a challenge on my hands, but this week the challenge has been mental.

I have had all sorts of negative thoughts going on in my head, like, how jogging is hard and I am too tired, etc.


I really felt sorry for myself this week and I knew it had to change.

A close friend of ours has been recovering from a head injury.

She was the most active person I knew and her whole life has changed.

She takes one day at a time now and her goal is to have a good day where she can enjoy time with her two young children and fiance without too much pain. I am able to jog, she cannot, and she would love to.

In 2012, I went to a lot of funerals. Many great people have passed away. I am thinking life is short, so just do it.

Family and friends are the most important thing to me and although jogging is hard for me at the moment I know it is improving my wellbeing.

That is good for me and good for the people in my life. There is only so much people can say to support and help you and I am blessed to have a lot of that, but at the end of the day they can't do it for you.

Life can get busy and it is easy to get caught up in your own bubble, easier still not to appreciate what you actually have.

Simple pleasures like watching my 2-year-old pick a daisy and her joy at showing me what she has can easily be overlooked.

When I jog from now on I will look past the stitch and puffing and feeling sorry for myself.

Those feelings will remind me of what I have.

I now choose to enjoy the simple things and look at the big picture.

I actually thought I did this already, but my jogging has shown me otherwise. Who would have thought!

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