Remember to replace the fluids

02:32, Jan 28 2013

Training tips for week 9

We are now easing down and freshening up as we head to the big day on February 10.

Remember to replace fluids on these warm days and, if the sun is out, use sunblock.

It pays to do some of your training mid to late morning - the same time you will be running in the BNZ Surf to City fun run.

Running schedule

Sunday: 30 minutes easy - keep pace a little slower than usual.


Monday: 30min easy jog

Tuesday: Jog very easily for 10min, up the pace to cruise for 20min, then an easy 10min jog to finish.

Wednesday: 30min easy jog.

Thursday: 30min run with 20min fartlek in the middle. Fartlek, if you recall from last week, is "speed play". It means varying your running as you feel - speed up for a time, slow down, speed up, walk even - you decide how fast and how far as you go.

Friday: Rest.

Saturday: 60min run.

Walking schedule

Sunday: Easy 30min walk.

Monday: 30min easy walk.

Tuesday: Easy 10min stroll then 20min brisk walk then 10min stroll.

Wednesday: 30min easy walk.

Thursday: Steady walk for 30 to 40min. Steady means you start to breathe harder as you walk but at no stage should you be puffing.

Friday: Day off.

Saturday: Easy walk for an hour, or a bit more if you feel like it.

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