Bill Barron: They put his name on it

00:34, Feb 06 2013
Southland Times photo
Balclutha Bowling Club member Bill Barron beside the green named after him.

He's been doing it for 60 years but bowling isn't getting old for Bill Barron.

The Balclutha Bowling club's number one green has been renamed The Bill Barron Green in his honour.

"I am very honoured by it and very humbled," Mr Barron, 94, said.

He started playing bowls to keep fit.

"When I finished with cricket, I was asked to play bowls and I did.

"I was getting too old to play cricket and too old to play rugby and bowls keeps you fit and playing something."


Meeting a lot of good people was one of the reasons he continued playing bowls for the next 60 years.

"I like a game and you meet a lot of good people."

In 1977 he became the New Zealand singles champion.

"That would be the best thing, " Mr Barron said.

"I was playing against a lot of good bowlers and beat them."

He won his first trophy in 1952 for the Balclutha champion singles.

The last time he won the title was 58 years later in 2010, at age 92.

In total, Mr Barron has won 41 South Otago Centre titles.

He was named South Otago Sportsman of the Year in 1977.

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