British riders add touch of class

21:41, Feb 17 2013

Oreti Park Speedway president Warren Shuttleworth says club officials will attempt to attract more international riders to their track next year after declaring Saturday night's meet a big success.

The club fronted with $2500 to help get British riders Ashley Birks, Jason Bunyan and Richie Worrall to compete at the speedway as part of the International Speedway Tour.

Shuttleworth said the riders turned it on for a crowd of about 1500.

"Their racing was just that next step up, they put on a real good display," he said yesterday.

It was Birks, who rides for the Sheffield Tigers in the British Premier League, who took out the honours in the final of the international solo class on Saturday night.

Shuttleworth was hopeful a similar event would happen next year with international riders and he said indications were the Britons were keen to come back.


"All the comments from them afterwards were positive, with the way we treated them and the standard of riding.

"They were very impressed with the standard of riding."

The Oreti Park Speedway Club's next meeting is on March 2, which will feature the Southland Sidecar Championships and Southland Classic Solo Championships.



International Solos (Final - top 5): 1st (6UK) Ashley Birks, 2nd (5i) Grant Tregoning, 3rd (4UK) Richie Worrall, DNF (1UK) Jason Bunyan, DNF (2NZ) Dale Finch. Malcolm Officer Memorial Trophy (Final - top 5): 1st - (73c) Lionel Green & Shayne Breach, 2nd (29i) Luke Thwaites & Neville Chalmers, 3rd (22i) Daniel Harpur & Matt Heenan, 4th (43i) Craig McMaster & James Dawson, DNF (3NZ) Kevin McDonald & Karl Hosie. Solo Classic/Support: 1st (6c) Daniel Miller 15 points, 2nd (91i) Les Payne 12 points, 3rd 6i Noel Caulfield 9 points. Southland 250cc Solo Championship: 1st (14i) Kahurangi Tanirau 6 points, 1st (6i) Jake Gillespie 3 points. Southland Junior Solo 200cc Championship: 1st (9i) Zane Pay 6 points, 2nd (88c) Cole McIntyre 3 points. Southland Junior Solo 125cc Championship: 1st (7i) Sam Taylor 9 points, 2nd (8i) Storm LeQuesne 4 points, 3rd (4c) Mossimo Roper 2 points. Southland Peewee Solo Championship: 1st (35i) Billie Ellis (11 points), 2nd (28i) Hayden Brookland 7 points (countback), 3rd (6i) Aston Palmer 7 points (count back). Karma Peewees Highest Points Scorer Trophy: Billie Ellis

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