Demons Red tame Blue in fourth-innings charge

Demons Red beat fellow club team Demons Blue 8-1 in the only major league game played at Surrey Park on Saturday.

It was scoreless until the top of the fourth innings when the Blues' Danny Shayler hit safely to centre field, moved to second on a Trevor Pryde sacrifice, and was batted in by Jimmy Affleck.

The Reds replied in the bottom of the innings with five runs. Mat Telfer was hit by a pitched ball, gained second on a wild pitch and was batted in by Jonathan Campbell's double.

Campbell went to third on a Daniel Karsten sacrifice, and when the sacrifice throw was errored, both Campbell and Karsten scored. Tim Flynn came up with a safe hit, went to second on a Brad Perry sacrifice, and in a repeat of the first sacrifice, the throw was errored to score both runners.

With the Blues failing to score in the top of the fifth, Scott Sinclair, Mat Telfer and Campbell came up with the final three runs to complete the game.

The Red team's batters were Daniel Perry, Campbell, Flynn (2) Telfer (1) and Chris Telfer. Affleck (2) Shayler (1) were the batters for Blue.

The one game played on the premier league diamond was won 12-4 by Craftys United over ILT Dodgers Diamondbacks.

United's batters were in fine form, with safe hits totalling 13, seven of them doubles.

Dodgers scored first in the bottom of the first with runs to Pare Tanoa, Dennis Ormsby, Leon Hopa and Nathan Kahukura.

United pulled back three runs in the top of the second when Shaye Gentle, Tim Robinson and Kayne Duggan crossed home plate. The big innings for United came in the top of the fifth with nine runs scored and the team going right through the batting order.

Michael Tiplady, Devon Robinson (3) Shaye Gentle, Tim Robinson(2) Jake Hansen, Tia Tuhakaraina, Kayne Duggan (1) shone for United while Dodgers' best were Tanoa, Hopa, Jan Ormsby, Wiremu Karetai and Amanda Wilson (1).

On the premier two diamond, Demons beat Panthers Angels 17-2 and Panthers Wildcats won 8-6 over ILT Dodgers Mustangs.

Demons led from the outset, with 12 hits recorded. They were assisted by 10 walks to base and 13 wild pitches to score the runners. Demons' batters recorded 12 hits, with Chris Norman, Dave Steel and Tyler Dewe (2) Dean Heydon, George Karamaena, Julian Rowe, Thomas Gray, Terry Thurlow, Ishar Thackur (1).

Batters for Panthers were Rachel Cade, Jill Farquhar and Daniel Keen (1).

Competition leaders Panthers Wildcats did not have everything their own way, with Dodgers winning the batting stakes 10 hits to nine.

But Panthers strung their hits together better, and a home run to Cameron Ward, a three-base hit to Jayden Johnson, no walks given up by pitcher Craig Smith, made the difference.

For Panthers, Russell Keen, Smith, Johnson, (2) Wade McSoriley, Ward and Isaac Thompson (1) shone.

Dodgers batters were Nicola Leonard (3), Rochelle Watson, Kristie Ann Scott (2), Hayley Munro, Megan Pearson and Jackie Buckley-Gray (1).

Premier three grade saw ILT Dodgers PK defeat Fernhill Lime Wallacetown 24-14, ILT Dodgers Misfits won 20-10 against Odd Sox, and Panthers Collegiate recorded their first win, 23-10 over St Peters Blue.

Dodgers PK deserved their win, with Chris Vince having a great day with the bat. As well, Vince pitched steadily to contain the Wallacetown batters. For Dodgers, Vince (5), Hori Elers Jr (4), Tim Iyer, Emma Glover (3), Hita Neho, Wade Isiah, Hori Elers Sr (2), John Perry and Amber Bardell (1). Wallacetown's batters were Lauren Zwies, Lauren Phillips, Ryan McLennan (2), Bo Maki, Hannah Wilson and Rhys Harvey (1).

The Misfits led from the start against Odd Sox, scoring eight runs in the first, eight in the second, and four in the third.

Playing for both Dodgers teams in this grade, Hori Elers Jr came out on top with the bat with three hits, followed by Russell Harvey with a home run and a three-base hit, Hori Elers Sr, Chrystal Howley, John Perry (2) and Kaemyn Smith (1). Odd Sox batters were Robin Bastiaansen (2), Pam Waitaiki, Tracey McLellan and Anita Kaui (1).

There was excitement with Panthers winning for the first time this season. Toby Milne and Kim Andrews were the top with the bat (3), Josh Richardson, J P Koen (2), Tania Lock, Toni Daane and Anna McEwan (1).

Krystella Baker, Jono Baker, Brooke Pennicott, Bridget McNamee, Ian Baker (2), Jaynee Robinson, Daniel Wilson, Katrina Carpenter (1), and Ian Baker recorded a home run.

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