Golf croquet becoming a big hit

01:06, Mar 19 2013
Noni Crowe
Winton Croquet Club president Noni Crowe enjoying the resurgence in golf croquet, which is seeing more and more people playing the sport.

A modern twist on the sport of croquet is seeing numbers at clubs around the south increasing.

Golf croquet, a fast-paced and competitive 35-minute croquet game, is attracting new blood into the sport and clubs are enjoying a resurgence in membership.

That enthusiasm could be seen in Central Southland over the weekend when teams from Alexandra, Dunedin, Winton and Invercargill battled it out at the Hilda Jeffrey Golf Croquet tournament.

Winton club president Noni Crowe said the popularity of golf croquet had been seen at the Winton club, with 12 new members joining to play.

"People are busy these days. Golf croquet can be learned quickly and it only takes about 35 minutes to play a game, instead of the 2 hours a full croquet game takes.

"It's like the difference between a game of cricket and a 20 overs match. It can be quite addictive and very competitive."


And it was being supported by a good cross section of people.

"More and more young couples are coming along to play. It's certainly attracting a lot more members for us and I think this is happening right across the country."

Tournament manager Caryll Burdon said she was pleased with the resurgence in interest in croquet golf.

"I think it's really going well and certainly attracting new people to the sport because it's so quick and easy to learn."


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