Netballers set to play in stadium

20:48, Aug 25 2013

After grand finals today, Invercargill netballers will no longer have to brave the elements as they prepare to move into Stadium Southland next year.

For the past three years, the Invercargill Netball Centre has held its winter competition in the car park of the velodrome after the stadium collapsed under a heavy dumping of snow.

Netball South representative Kate Buchanan said the Invercargill Netball Centre had done an "incredible" job maintaining a professional competition despite the added pressures of weather.

Invercargill Netball Centre media manager Julie Erskine said the weather had made running the competition difficult at times.

"We've had our moments. We've had cars left parked on the courts. We've had ice, frost, rain . . ." she said. "It has been difficult to make the right call sometimes."

Participation rates dropped slightly during the first year of outdoor competition but since then numbers had recovered.

She expected numbers to increase next year when they began playing on the seven new sprung-floor courts. "I hope we see some more of the older players back to the game next year."

Today's Supreme A final will be played between Rata and Southland Girls' High at 1.10pm.


The Southland Times