League twins puzzle opponents

20:46, Aug 29 2013
Low twins
DOUBLE VISION: Identical twins Matthew, left, and Daniel Low can cause some confusion for opposition players, and even team-mates, when playing together for the Southland Rams rugby league team.

It's not unusual to have a set of brothers playing in the same sports team, but when those brothers are identical twins it adds a whole new element.

Just ask the 2013 Southland Rams rugby league team.

Key Rams players Daniel and Matthew Low, 22, have the playing skills to confuse opposition defences.

However, their looks also prompt some double takes from opposition players and they can provide just as much confusion for their own team-mates.

New Rams coach Greg Dawson has adopted a dollar each-way approach.

"It's quite funny because the people who know us know us as Matthew and Daniel, but Greg, and a few of the other boys, for a start just called us Lowy. He'd say ‘hey Lowy', so that eliminates some of the confusion," Daniel said yesterday.


The pair have always loved sport, playing rugby union, cricket and league together since they were young. But to mix it up recently they have played club rugby and league for different clubs.

"There's been quite a few comments about how I'm allowed to play for two different teams in the same season," Daniel joked.

Matthew said the times they have come face-to-face in club play weren't all that prettyd.

"It's pretty fiery, I'll tell you. I actually got sin-binned for doing something to him I probably shouldn't have. Everyone seems to get a good laugh out of it," he said.

"It's good playing in the same team though. It blows a few minds of the opposition players."

To add to the Low family's Rams connections, the twins' mother Cheryl is the team manager and is also president of Southland rugby league.

Both were thankful for her encouragement over the years, and proud of what she had done for Southland league in general.

"She's been awesome," Daniel said. "She's always followed us around with our rugby and cricket and now that we're playing league she has followed us there as well. She's stepped in to help Southland rugby league out as much as she can and I think she's doing a good job getting things going."

The Southland Rams' next game will be against West Coast at Sandy Point near Invercargill on Sunday.

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