'Gut-curdling' sight as player knocked out

17:00, Sep 06 2013

Southland Country rugby player Logan Moore is recovering in Dunedin Hospital after suffering serious facial injuries during a representative game against Canterbury Country in Mossburn on Thursday night.

Moore was taken by helicopter to Dunedin after being knocked unconscious. The game was abandoned.

Southland Country coach Jeff Clearwater feared for the worst when he saw Moore go into convulsions while being stretchered off.

Moore was accidentally kicked in the head by a Canterbury Country opponent as he tried to dive onto the ball early in the second half of the non-championship game.

''It wasn't pretty, I haven't seen anything like that before,'' Clearwater said.

''He was out cold and then was shaking a bit, it was ugly. They went to stretcher him off when he was unconscious, and they got to about 10m from the sideline and then he started fitting. It was in front of everybody, it was gut-curdling stuff.''


Clearwater said the medical staff on hand responded well despite the distressing nature of the incident.

''I was thinking this was really bad, and I was thinking about how I was going to get hold of his family.''

It wasn't the only incident of the game, which was later awarded to Canterbury Country, who were leading at the time of the injury.

Southland Country captain and halfback Ben Brown was already being attended to in the changing rooms after dislocating a shoulder earlier in the game.

Clearwater could be on the hunt for his third skipper after loose forward Scott McKee was injured earlier in the season.

The loss of Moore is another blow to the team.

''He's got the ability to be a Southland centre. He's very good and he was having a whale of a game.''

For now, though, Moore's team mates are just glad that he was sitting up and talking in hospital yesterday.

Southland Country's next game is against Otago Country next weekend.

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