Coaching sessions for sport or business

Good coaches are all around us - and not necessarily just in sport.

A good coach knows how to lead a team, and how to get the best out of that team, whether that be in sport or in business.

Sport Southland is lucky enough to be bringing in an expert on both and would encourage all Southlanders to come along to one of the two seminars on Thursday, October 3.

Ralph Pim is an international speaker and consultant, recognised in the United States as a national expert on character and leader development through sport. He has a 41-year career spanning both the sport and education sectors and, on October 3, he will be hosting two workshops in Invercargill.

The first is on coaching for significance in business; designed for business leaders and discussing how those leaders can unlock their team members' potential.

It will also provide a proven recipe that can be used in any team situation.

The second workshop is aimed at principals, teachers, parents, administrators and sports coaches and is based on achievement through sport, focussing on the blueprint he created for individuals to excel in life as well as sport.

It's fantastic to be able to have someone of Dr Pim's experience and calibre here in Invercargill - if only for a day - so make sure you take advantage and get along to one of the two workshops.

While Dr Pim has plenty of coaching experience and knowledge, equally as vital to our local sporting landscape are those just getting started in coaching.

We've run a series of Getting Started in Coaching workshops so far this year, alongside Rugby Southland and Netball South, and are planning four more sessions late next month in Invercargill, Gore, Winton and Te Anau, aimed at, but not limited to, coaches taking on summer sports.

The sessions are not sport-specific, but are targeted at new coaches of any code and teach important but generic coaching skills.

If it seems like we're holding quite a lot of seminars or workshops lately, that's because we are.

We're also holding the next edition of our Seminar Series on September 24, which will cover "six keys to a successful club".

It's about making sure our sports clubs - regardless of what the sport is - are capable of providing positive experiences for their members and their volunteers.

All clubs are welcome and, ideally, we'd like clubs to send along two or three committee members.

On another note, thanks to the generosity of Southlanders, we have a shed full of sports gear just waiting for new homes.

The Pass It On campaign has been fantastic to date - we still have sports gear being donated weeks after the official campaign day - so if your organisation could use any, make sure you check out our website -

Andrew Petrie is a senior community sport adviser at Sport Southland. For information on any of the topics mentioned in this column this week, please contact him at or phone (03) 211 2150.

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