Surf to City guide

Surf to City Training: Jan 4

Now is the time to increase your training, but it is recommended that training continues on grass surfaces to avoid leg stress.

Remember, the amount of time spent training is more important than the distance covered.

Do not worry about speed.

This week we should try some roadwork.

On your first excursion on to the hard surfaces you should keep your pace down.

You may also feel some initial soreness.

Running Schedule:

Sunday: Walk 5 min, jog 25 min, walk 10 minutes.

Monday: Walk 3 min, then try to jog for 30 minutes. Don't worry if you cannot keep jogging for the full time. Walk until you feel like jogging again. Younger and fitter runners should  include some undulating terrain.

Tuesday: Easy day. Walk 3 min, jog 10 to 15 min, walk 3 minutes.

Wednesday: Jog 30 min, again but keep it relaxed and easy.

Thursday: Walk 3 min, jog 20 min, walk 10 minutes. Try to include some hilly terrain in this  session.

Friday: Rest or an easy walk. Walk should be a relaxing easy stroll, not a brisk effort as this is a recovery day.

Saturday: Those who have progressed steadily could complete a 40 minute jog at an easy  pace. Others should complete a total of 40 minutes but include walking as necessary.

Walking Schedule:

Sunday: Easy 60 min plus.

Monday: Easy 45 min walk

Tuesday: Easy 15 minutes followed by brisk 15 mins

Wednesday: Easy 30 min walk

Thursday: In running terms this is known as an interval session - intervals of hard efforts  followed by intervals of recovery. Walk 10 mins easy then walk very briskly for 5 minutes  (get to a stage where you are breathing relatively hard), ease off to a relaxed stroll for 2  mins then another 5 mins brisk. Try and do 4 or 5 x 5 minute brisk efforts with the 2 minute  recovery strolls. Finish with 10 mins easy walk.

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Easy 40 min walk

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