Ex-F1 driver Irvine convicted over brawl

Eddie Irvine
Eddie Irvine

Former Formula One driver Eddie Irvine was sentenced to six months in prison by an Italian court on Thursday in a trial over a brawl in a nightclub, a lawyer in the case said.

The judge found Irvine and Gabriele Moratti, the son of a former Milan mayor, guilty of "mutual injury" during the incident in the VIP section of the Hollywood nightclub in the northern Italian city in 2008. Each had accused the other of using a glass in the brawl.

A lawyer for Moratti said the sentence was likely to be suspended and that neither would go to jail. He denied Italian media reports the two had fought over a woman.

"Obviously it's easy for newspapers to say they fought because of jealousy over a woman, that they were two men who were rivals for her. It's a nice story. But in reality that's not the case," Vincenzo Saponara told Reuters.

Lawyers for Irvine, who drove for Jordan, Ferrari and Jaguar over a nine year career, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.