Paris marathon next big challenge

03:12, Apr 03 2014
Southland Times photo
Invercargill women, from left, Beth Moore, Carmen Bungard, Kate Cunninghame & Nicola Young having their last catch-up before they meet up again to compete in the Paris marathon (absent is Tania Carter of Queenstown).

Four Invercargill friends are putting the benefits of early morning runs and fitness training to good effect in Paris on Sunday.

Carmen Bungard, Nicola Young, Beth Moore and Kate Cunninghame will be among the 37,000 runners in the Paris Marathon (42km).

Moore's friend, Tania Carter, of Queenstown, is joining the Invercargillites for the famous race, which was first held with 191 runners in 1896.

The Invercargill quartet ran the 2011 New York Marathon.

"When we came back, we said, ‘what will we do next?," Bungard said.

Fitness is a priority for Bungard, Young, Moore and Cunninghame.


Each of their weekly training runs can total between 50 and 70 kilometres, depending on upcoming events. Young and Cunninghame have personal trainers.

Work outs at gymnasiums, including spin and pump classes, are also part of their training programmes.

The marathon marks the start of a five-week holiday for the women and their husbands.

Bungard's husband, Trevor, is entered in a half marathon in Dusseldorf, Germany, on Saturday.

It starts at 3.30pm and he hoped to run it in about 1 hr 40min (21km), which would allow him 55 min to get back to the railway station for the four-hour trip back to Paris.

He is travelling alone on the day trip and if language problems arise, he can use an app on his iPhone to translate.



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