New drainage to wash away outfield problems

The Southland Cricket Association is hopeful a current upgrade to the drainage system at the Queens Park ground will fix ongoing problems once and for all.

Fulton Hogan are carrying out work at the Queens Park cricket ground with Invercargill City Council putting up $100,000 to install the required drainage.

A new drain was being placed around the perimeter of the main ground with further drains running straight down the field from the duckpond end to the Gala St end.

Those drains are being spaced 10 metres apart.

The Southland Cricket Association originally hoped to have drains put in 5m apart following advice from the New Zealand Sports Turf Institute but agreed on the 10m spacing to help keep the costs of the work down.

Southland Cricket Association groundsman Kevin Cooper was pleased work was under way and hoped it would fix the problems of extreme puddling on the ground whenever heavy rain fell.

''Hopefully this will solve the problems we have and that's what we all want at the end of the day, the council and Southland Cricket,'' Cooper said.

Cooper expected the work to be completed in a matter of weeks and said it would probably not be until the first heavy downfall to see if the new drainage system worked or not until the first heavy downpour.

''I suppose after it is done the next time we get any real heavy rain we'll find out what actually happens.''

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