Top-level coaching not on radar for Avellino

Natalie Avellino says she has no aspirations to coach again at the trans-Tasman level, admitting her passion for the sport took a dent last year when she was axed by the Southern Steel.

The former Australian international was appointed Steel co-coach with Janine Southby in 2012 before it was decided there would be coaching change in 2013, with Southby taking on the head coaching role and Avellino the assistant's role.

Last year it was determined the coaching relationship was untenable and Avellino was axed from the assistant's role.

While Avellino told The Southland Times she had moved on, she admitted the saga had left some after-affects.

"I was pretty hurt at what happened at the Steel and pretty disappointed; it left a bad taste in my mouth. Do I want to go to that next level again? I'm not too sure," she said.

"It was not a nice time for me and my partner to go through, the timing of it all and for the players as well, it was disrupting. It's something that you don't want to go through but I'm moving on. To be honest, I havn't really been taking a lot of notice of the ANZ [Championships]. I've just been watching the odd game here and there, it had left a bad taste and taken away a bit of my passion for the game."

Her work at Southland Girls' High School coaching has, however, given back some of that spark again for netball. Southland Girls' have 39 netball teams and Avellino has the job of coaching the Senior A team, something she was loving.

"I'm really loving being at [Southland] Girls' High coaching that team. It's certainly very refreshing. They just take everything in and it's just a really good environment to be in."

The Southland Times