Are you a Burt fan?

20:07, Nov 26 2012
A 1982 xv750 (bobber) that is being worked on for this year's challenge.
Brent Fowler's Suzuki.
John Fowler's 1990 Yamaha Vmax.
A Burt Munro fan sent in this picture of his bike. It's his ZX12R parked beside a Gpz1000R.

Is there a bit of Burt Munro's legendary spirit in you?

Are you heading down to Invercargill for a week of petrol-head heaven this month?

Join our Stuff Nation assignment and send in your bike and details about it for a special Burt Munro Challenge online gallery.


Southland Times photo
Dan Lane, left, plays his jew harp while Edward McCudden and Pete Dick check out the motorbike they fixed with a piece of fencing wire when it broke down on their way to the Burt Munro Challenge, in Invercargill, last year.