Feaver successfully defends title

08:17, Nov 23 2012

Former Southlander Jason Feaver delivered a perfectly executed ride in the 50 mile endurance beach race to defend his Burt Munro Trophy title tonight.

Feaver, who now lives in Christchurch, took out the coveted Burt Munro Trophy when it was last raced two years ago.
With last year's event being canned due to poor weather, he was eager to hold onto his silverware at Oreti Beach, and did a fine job of doing that.

Feaver led from start to finish and managed to lap almost every rider in the field on board his Honda CRF450 bike.

He always seemed a step ahead of Invercargill rider Greg Baynes, who ended up second, and found it difficult to cut into Feaver's strong early lead as the race wore on.

Third-placed Heath Botica of Nelson was still on lap 47 when Feaver reached the chequred flag.

Feaver and Baynes were the only riders not to make a fuel stop during the 50-miles endurance race, which he believed was crucial in his victory.


Feaver had to check in for fuel during his title win in 2010, but with a slightly bigger tank than usual, was able to keep going last night. He believed he still had about a litre and a half of fuel remaining at the end of the race.

The 50-mile endurance beach title is arguably the premier event of the week-long Challenge, considering Oreti Beach was Burt

Munro's testing ground for his modified Indian scout motorcyle.Feaver said it was a trophy, which was held in high regard among the riders, and one he always wanted to win.

''It's real special. It's my hometown. This is the main race for me out of the whole lot of them,'' Feaver said.

''That's what it's about- the 50-miler. That's what I came to Invercargill to do basically.''

It was a good night of racing for Feaver, who also claimed the Mrs Irving Hayes Cup one mile dash on his Honda CR600 two stroke bike.

Despite missing out in the 50-mile endurance race, Baynes was still able to take away title wins in the open class and up to 500cc categories. Feaver won the first open class race, with Baynes finishing second.

Baynes then won the second moto, with Feaver finishing well back, after getting water into his electrics, which handed his rival the overall title.

Gisborne's Ian Newman claimed the quads title, winning both races, while in the up to 250cc class, Wyndham's Ryan McKenzie was dominant, winning both races.


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