Draws and results for June 2

04:13, Jun 04 2010

Southern sports draws and results:


The Secondary School Basketball League draw for Friday is:

Senior A Girls: 5pm, C1, JHC Red v SGHS Senior A (duty: JHC Gold); 6:30pm, C1, JHC Gold v CSC Snr A Girls (JHC Red); Verdon Snr A Girls the bye.

Senior A Boys: 5pm, C2, SBHS Banter Ray v Verdon Snr A Boys (CSC Snr A Boys); 6:30pm, C2, SBHS Senior A v CSC Senior Boys (SB Banter Ray); JHC 1st v Boys the bye.

Senior B Girls: 6pm, C4, Kura Sparks v Verdon Year 12A (CSC Canes); 6pm, C5, JHC Team Tryhard v CSC Rebels (JHC Royal Red); 6pm, C6, JHC Skofs v CSC Year 11 Girls (CSC Girls).


Senior B Boys: 7pm, C6, JHC Royal Red v Verdon Snr B Boys (JHC Skofs); 7pm, C7, JHC Globetrotters v Kura Taiohi (SBHS Wildcards); 6pm, C7, SBHS Wildcards v Aurora Senior Boys (Kura Taiohi); JHC 2nd v Boys the bye.

Junior Girls: 4pm, C1, Verdon Jnr A Girls v Verdon Jnr B Girls (SGHS Snr A); 4pm, C2, JHC Jnr A Girls v SGHS Junior Magic (Verdon Snr A Boys); 4pm, C4, Southland U13 Girls v SGHS Dazzlers (SBHS Blue); 5pm, C7, SGHS Junior Lakers v JHC Junior B Girls (SBHS Panthers); 5pm, C6, SGHS Jnr A Girls v CSC Girls (SBHS White).

Junior Boys: 4pm, C5, Verdon Jnr A Boys v SBHS Red (CSC Boys); 4pm, C6, JHC Jnr A Boys v SBHS White (SGHS Jnr A Girls); 4pm, C7, SBHS Panthers v JHC Junior B Boys (JHC Junior B Girls); 5pm, C4, CSC Canes v SBHS Blue (Kura Sparks); 5pm, C5, Southland U13 Boys v CSC Boys (Verdon Jnr A Boys).


The Alexandra Bridge club games resulted:

Mixed Pairs – North-South: B Greenwood and D Townsend 64.19pc, 1; S Bodkin and T Evans 60.38, 2; P Hooghart and M Jamie 57.02, 3.

East-West: J Belt and E Manning 53.33, 1; Y Checketts and R Hallberg 52.50, 2; W Mcdonnell and C McKenzie 52.43, 3rd equal; J Edwards and M Nicolson 52.43, 3rd equal.

Alexandra Pairs – North-South: E Bristow and L Taylor 72.62, 1; J Douglas and L McLean 65.87, 2; J Botting and S Randle 53.17, 3.

East-West: E Hughes and E Welsh 68.75, 1; S Douglas and C McKenzie 53.82, 2; J Edwards and P Hooghart 51.74, 3.

Killarney Pairs – North-South: K Hughes and J Hughes 60.12, 1; C McKenzie and B Sim 55.06, 2; L Macavoy and W Van Rensburg 53.57, 3.

East-West: S Bodkin and E O'Brien 59.23, 1; G Barrie and E Welsh 56.25, 2; P Hooghart and N Maclean 52.08, 3.

The Te Anau Bridge Club games resulted:

Tutoko Pairs – R Bevan and P Ward 70.51pc, 1; B Dodds and J Ludemann 66.24, 2; G Milne and R Reid 61.54, 3.

Handicap – R Bevan and P Ward 71.72, 1; B Dodds and J Ludemann 71.12, 2; G Milne and R Reid 66.08, 3.


The Cycling Southland Mabel Bush team race resulted:

C Grade: Mike Tou, 1; Jeremy Presbury, 2; Alistair Burnett, 3; Gary Perkins, 4.

B Grade: Andy McIntyre, 1; Dave Beadle, 2; Bruce Jones, 3; Grant Colbran, 4.

A Grade: Eddie Dawkins, 1; Andrew Lienert, 2; Garth Cooper, 3; Blake Tait-Jones, 4.

Winning team was the White Team: Dave Watkins, John Kissell, Garth Cooper, Kerry Cox, Jordan Copeland, Garry Perkins, Grant Colbran, Amy Marshall, Josh Haggerty, Tony Raggett, Paigan Marshall.

2nd Red Team, 3rd Green Team, 4th Blue Team.


The Southland Senior Football draw for Saturday and Monday is:

Saturday, Southern Premier League: Roslyn Wakari AfC v Spirit FC, Dunedin (ref tba), 2.45pm.

Monday, Chatham Cup: Southend United v Roslyn Wakari AFC, Bain Park (N Clark, D Seager, J Doody), 2pm.

Women's (Friendly): Southland v Roslyn Wakari AFC, Bain Park, noon.

Quinny Cup: Waihopai AFC v Alexandra, Surrey Park, 1pm.

The SBS Bank Southland Junior Football draw for Saturday is:

7th grade: 10am, Thistle Rangers v O/B Flyers (TT 1a); 10am, Queens Park v O/B United (TT 2); 10.30am, Southbuild ITM Winton v Thistle Rockets (Winton); Waihopai First National Real Estate the bye.

8th grade: 10am, Pro-Health Physiotherapy Waihopai Sharks v O/B Spurs (TT 3); 10am, Johnson Flooring Queens Park v O/B Speedsters (TT 4); 10.30am, Speedy Signs Thistle v Southbuild ITM Winton (TT 5 ); O/B Villa the bye.

10th grade: 10am, Chipmunks Playland & Cafe Waihopai Battlers v O/B Chelsea (TT 7a); 10am, O/B Gunners v Speedy Signs Thistle (TT 8a); 10am, Creation Signs Waihopai Troopers v O/B Jets (TT 9a); 10.30am, Southbuild ITM Winton Stormers v O/B Arsenal (Winton); O/B Rangers the bye.

11th grade: 10am, EWSL Waihopai Bulls v Queens Park (TT11); 10am, Southbuild ITM Winton v O/B Rovers (Winton); 10.30am, JW Glory v O/B Westham (Hyde Park); JW Galaxy the bye.

12th grade: 10am, O/B Falcons v Invercargill Engineering Waihopai Magic (TT 16); 11.10am, Laser Electrical Waihopai Rams v JW Jets (TT16); 11.10am, Southbuild ITM Winton v JW Phoenix (Winton); O/B Hawks the bye.

14th grade: 10.30am, Monarch Motels Waihopai v O/B Magpies (Sandy Point 6); 10.30am, Southbuild ITM Winton v West Otago (Winton); 10am, O/B Dragons v Queens Park (TT Artificial); 11.20am, O/B City v JW Celtic (TT Artifical).

16th grade: 10.30am, JW Mariners v O/B Panthers (Hyde Park); Cleanways Waihopai Legends the bye.


May 26, Australian Stableford - N Brass 39 on countback from, K Pritchard 39, R Rae 38.

May 28, Medal, White Tees – R Rae net 69, G Hamilton net 69.

Saturday May 29, 18 holes – Women, 3rd LGU & Putting: R Richardson 92-19-73, D Naylor 107-32-75.

Putting: R Richardson, 31 putts.

Nearest the pin: LJ Hooker, S Douglas.

Men, Stroke, White Tees – 0-14: R Rae 79-9-70, A Hodgson 76-5-71, S Cawthorn 79-7-72, C Edgar 79-7-72.

Nearest the pin: Commercial & Rural Insurance, W Henderson.

15+: R McKenzie 87-17-70, S Bruce 91-19-72, J Millar 96-23-73 by lot from F Endicott-Davies, 88-15-73.

Stableford - Best over field: J Mahar, 41.

B McSkimming 38, J Robertson 36.

Net eagle: No 10, J Robertson.

Twos: J Mahar, P Dennison.

Bisque Par – Men: F Noah 6 up on countback, N Marshall 6 up, B Ashby 4 up on countback, J Keenan 4 up, J Dickie 3 up.

Women: L Brown, A Munro 5 up on countback; B Breen 5 up, A Thompson 4 up.

Nearest the pin: 4-13, F Noah; 6-15, L Thompson.

Two: B Breen.

Birdie: F Noah.

Net eagle: L Brown.

Longest putt: J Mills.

Next Week Medal and Putting.

Saturday Stableford - B Broughton 45, H Robertson 44, N Arnesen 41.

Sunday Stableford - D Wark 35, D Johnson 32, B Broughton 27.


The Alexandra Harrier & Walkers Club, run/walk for this Saturday is a local junket.

Meet at the corner of Thompson, Walton and Rivers Street at 1pm. Duty pack walkers. Enquires to club captains John, or Louise.

The Harriers Club run on Saturday, is a combined walk/run from the Invercargill Club Rooms, Surrey Park at 1.45pm.

St Pauls

The Club run tonight is at 5pm from the Surrey Park clubrooms. Athletes must wear reflective vests on the road run.

Thursday hill work from Metzger/Rimu Street at 5pm.


There is no Southland Wide Club Hockey this weekend due to Queens Birthday.

The Invercargill Hockey Southland Ian Smith Mens Team is:

D Ritani, C Young, T Page, P Redmond, L Erskine, C Mason, M Anderson-Stewart, M Horgan, T Mennell, S Parker, D Moylan, J Bennington, J Miller, D Paterson, N White, C Thompson.

Training Wednesday June 2 at 7pm.


The draw for the Professional Bowls Association event, the Potters World Indoor Singles, to be played at the Dunedin Westpac Bowls Stadium, Tahuna Rd, Dunedin, on Sunday, starting at 9am, and Monday, starting at 9.30am (please note, this event was originally programmed as the Scottish International Open Singles), is:

The following players must report by 9am: A Lusby (Andersons Bay), Ross Thomson (Fairfield), B Hinton (Andersons Bay), D White (Forbury Park), P Wilson (Kaikorai), S Jones (Geraldine), K Walker (Fairfield), B McAuley (Kaitangata), D Clark (Waikiwi), T Scott (North East Valley), R Stewart (Riverton), D Thomas (North East Valley), S Tautari (North End), J Scott (North East Valley), S Kannewishcher (Mornington), R Brown (St Clair).

The following players must report by 10.30am: M Watt (North East Valley), R Munro (Forbury Park), E Parry (Wakari), S Hodges (Outram), B Malcolm (Fairfield), D Leeden (Wakari), E Roberts (Andersons Bay), T Nicol (Milton), A McCallum (Fairfield), R Larkin (Andersons Bay), G Wilson (Kaikorai), G Hislop (Kaitangata), R Jones (Waverley), T Ball (North East Valley), M Rodriguez (Andersons Bay), S Hughes (Waikari).

The following players must report by 2pm: A Wyber (Milton), D Archer (Taieri), T Marr (St Clair), J Susilo (Andersons Bay), A Gardiner (Elmwood), M Cowan (Fairfield), A Tribe (Bluff), R Fleming (Forbury Park), K Budge (North East Valley), I Webber (Leith), M Ellison (Andersons Bay), R Barron (Leith), S Wilson (Kaikorai), R Gibson (Taieri), S Nyhof (Hawea), B Walker (Taieri).

The following 2nd round players must report by 3.30pm: A Kelly (Elmwood), L Harliwich (Hokonui), C Ward (St Clair), S Sincock (Redcliffs), J Cross, A McLean, Rob Thomson (Fairfield); B Webster (North End).


The Central Southland Netball Centre games played Central Southland Sports Centre, John St, Winton, on May 22, resulted:

Winton Night & Day Premier grade: Drummond B lost to Central Southland College 23-28, Drummond A beat Takitimu 42-13, Limehills beat Tuatapere 35-18.

Marlene's Hair Salon Premier Reserve grade: Drummond beat Limehills A 18-17, Winton A beat Limehills B 33-16, Winton B lost to Mossburn 19-26.

Central Southland Lodge 1st grade: Fiordland A lost to Otautau A 18-33, Fiordland B lost to Riverton 18-35, Otautau B lost to Thornbury 21-24.

With Grace Reserve grade: Drummond beat Limehills 30-20, Tuatapere drew with Riverton 13-13, Mossburn beat Wallacetown 17-11.

The Record & Copycat 2nd grade: Winton B lost to Winton C 18-29, Fiordland lost to Riverton 8-41, Winton A beat Mossburn 30-15.

Winton Pharmacy 3rd grade: Limehills beat Otautau B 16-11, Otautau A beat Drummond 17-11, Wallacetown lost to Winton 20-22.

Winton Mitre 10 4th grade: Takitimu lost to Riverton 16-31, Fiordland beat Lochiel 28-21, Tuatapere beat Winton 19-11.

Winton New World 5th grade: Winton A lost to Limehills 15-17, Mossburn beat Thornbury 19-5, Winton B lost to Riverton 6-27.

Riverton Transport 6th grade: Mossburn beat Limehills 15-9, Winton lost to Spar Bush 4-17, Fiordland lost to Riverton 12-16.

Grasshoppers 7th grade: Drummond beat Orawia 19-9, Thornbury lost to Takitimu 3-26, Limehills lost to Wallacetown 5-8.

Little Angels 8th grade: Mossburn A beat Spar Bush 24-1, Mossburn B won by default over Winton, Limehills beat Riverton 18-8.

The Central Southland Netball Centre draw for games to be played at the Sports Centre and Courts John St, Winton, on Saturday is:

Winton Night & Day Premier grade: 9.30am, C2, Central Southland College v Limehills (M Carleton, E Brown); 10.30am, C3, Drummond B v Takitimu (M Carleton, K Thwaites); 1.30pm, C3, Drummond A v Tuatapere (J Hall, J Palmer).

Marlene's Hair Salon Premier Reserve grade: 9.30am, C4, Limehills A v Winton B (R Cowie, A Unahi), 10.30am, C5, Limehills B v Drummond (C Milne, K Brock), 12.30pm, C1, Winton A v Mossburn (J Tunnah, J L Wilson).

Central Southland Lodge 1st grade: 10.30am, C4, Fiordland B v Otautau B (J Tunnah, R Cowie), 1.30pm, C1, Riverton v Fiordland A (A Perry, C McIntosh); Otautau A v Thornbury play later date.

With Grace Reserve grade: 9.30am, C1, Drummond v Wallacetown (C Milne, M Dyer); 11.30am, C1, Limehills v Tuatapere (M Drake, R Dyer); 12.30pm, C5, Riverton v Mossburn (J Keown, H Andrew).

The Record & Copycat Winton 2nd grade: 11.30am, C3, Fiordland v Winton B (B Unahi, C McIntosh); 11.30am, C4, Mossburn v Riverton (J Keown, J Perry); 2.30pm, C1, Winton C v Winton A (J Monteith, R Dyer).

Winton Pharmacy 3rd grade: 11.30am, C2, Otautau B v Wallacetown (M McIntrye, T Davis); 12.30pm, C2, Drummond v Limehills (R McDermott, C Burgess); 1.30pm, C2, Otautau B v Winton (P Hubber, K Murch); Otautau the bye.

Winton Mitre 10 4th grade: 9.30am, C3, Takitimu v Lochiel (K Sullivan, K Kilpatrick); 10.30am, C6, Riverton v Tuatapere (M Hall, Limehills); 2.30pm, C2, Fiordland v Winton (A Perry, F Macdonald).

Winton New World 5th grade: 10.30am, C1, Mossburn v Limehills (C J Little, CSC); 11.30am, C6, Winton B v Thornbury (J Simpson, CSC); 1.30pm, C6, Winton A v Riverton (Mossburn x 2).

Riverton Transport 6th grade: 11.30am, C5, Limehills v Spar Bush (R Clarke, B Clarke); 12.30pm, C3, Fiordland v Winton (J Simpson, Wallacetown); 12.30pm, C6, Riverton v Mossburn (K Gerrard-Brown,Thornbury).

Grasshoppers 7th grade: 10.30am, C2, Takitimu v Orawia (S Hall, S Kane); 1.30pm, C4, Thornbury v Limehills (Fiordland x 2 ); 1.30pm, C5, Wallacetown v Drummond (Riverton x 2 ).

Little Angels 8th grade: 9.30am, C5, Limehills v Winton (Takitimu x 2 ); 12.30pm, C4, Riverton v Spar Bush (M Lee, S Kane); Mossburn B v Mossburn A play during week.

Winton Garden Centre Future Ferns: 9.30am, C7, Thornbury v Lochiel; 10.30am, C7, Takitimu v Mossburn; 1pm, C7, Otautau v Limehills Red (game of the day); 2.30pm, C7, Limehills Blue v Limehills White; Winton the bye.

Fun Ferns: 12pm, C7; Duty Club, Fiordland/Wallacetown.

The Invercargill Netball Centre, Wednesday Social draw for week four, on June 9, is:

6pm: C3, Hard Up v More FM; C4, Smoking Kills v All Starz; C5, Itsjustagame v Lost Souls; C6, BB Inc v Malloch McClean; C7, SBS Stormers v Mixed Up.

6.50pm: C1, CIBTS v Balls of Fury; C3, Ryan's Stadium Team v The Beginners; C4, B & L Dispensers v MVP's; C5, Mongoose v Southern Smash.

7.40pm: C1, Mind Me Balls v The Soso's; C3, Thatz Us v Limited Talent; C4, Southern Jackpot v Wacky About Ackys; C5, Hot Lakers v Priceless.

8.30pm: C4, Total Package v Black Mariahs; C5, Kara's Team v The Situations.

The New World Fun Ferns Roster for today is:

Session One, 3.30pm: C4, Windsor Steel, Makarewa Flames, C5, Waverley Whippers, St Patricks Ferns, C6, Salford Starters, New River New Kidz.

Session Two, 4pm: C4, Windsor Sting, Windsor Ferns, C5, Waverley Winners, Makarewa Steel, C6, Woodlands, Sacred Heart Speedstars.

Session One, 4.30pm: C5, St Patricks Super Stars, St Patricks Steel, C6, St Theresas Flyers.

Session Two 5pm: C5, Waihopai Silver Ferns, Rimu, C6, St Johns Funsters

The Menzies Netball draw for Friday is:

3.30pm, Fun Ferns, C3.

4pm, Future Ferns, Year 3 & 4: Eden Steel v Eden Fireballs, to be played at later date; C1, Tokanui Terrors v Wynd 1 (L Buckingham, Wynd 1); C2, Tokanui Done & Dusted v Wynd 2 (H Buckingham, Wynd 2).

4.15pm, Future Ferns, Year 5 & 6: C3, Wynd Wipeout v Tokanui Stars (Wynd Wipeout, Tok Stars); Eden Firebirds v Eden1, to be played at later date; C4, Wynd Thunderbirds v Tokanui Thrashers (Wynd Thunderbirds, Tok Thrashers); Wynd 3 the bye.

The Southland Secondary School Netball League draw for today is:

A Grade: 5pm, St Peters v SGHS, C7 (L Murphy/D McGuire); 5pm, Menzies v Hargest Gold A, G5 (S McLeod/V Cope); 6pm, Verdon v Gore HS, G7 (A White/A Strickland); 6pm, CSC v Blue Mountain, C5 (A Sanford/ H Isaacs).

B Grade: 5pm, Verdon v Northern Southland, C2 (E Martin/S Morrison-Bailey); 5pm, Hargest Gold B v CSC, Winton (M Carleton/E Brown); 6pm, SGHS v St Peters, G2 (H McLeod-Young/K Duncan); 6pm, Fiordland v Aparima, Te Anau (S McLeod-Young/ tbc); Menzies the bye.

The Southland-Wide League Challenge netball draw for games to be played at Stadium Southland tomorrow is:

6.30pm: James Hargest v Drummond, C1 (T Hamilton/M Findlater); Res, D McGuire, Rata B a bye.


The Central Western rugby draw for Saturday (unless otherwise stated) is:

A & B Grade 7s (All coaches, managers and refs to meet at 10.30am for 11am start): 11am Drummond, 7s Competition.

B Grade (catchup games): Tomorrow, 5pm Midlands, Midlands v Waiau Star; June 16, 6.30pm Limehills Star, Limehills Star v Riverton; June 10, 4.30pm Drummond, Drummond v Otautau; Central Pirates a bye.

Central C Grade: Today, 5.15pm Central Pirates, Central Pirates White v Central Pirates Black; 11am Limehills, Limehills Star Blue v Midlands Black; 11am Limehills, Limehills Star White v Drummond; 11am Limehills, Limehills Star Dipton v Wrights Bush; Midlands Red a bye.

Central D Grade: 10am Midlands, Midlands Red v Midlands Black; 10am Midlands, Drummond v Wrights Bush; today, 5pm Limehills, Central Pirates Black v Dipton; 11am Limehills, Limehills Star v Central Pirates White.

Western C Grade: No games this weekend.

Western D Grade: No games this weekend.

The Eastern Junior rugby draw (home teams named first) for Saturday at 10am (unless otherwise stated) is:

Super Blacks: Delta Menzies v Excelsior, Simon & Sons St Peters v Autoworx St Peters, Waikaka v Excelsior Riversdale, 12.30pm, Northern Pirates v Te Anau at Mossburn.

Junior Blacks: Ex Highlanders v Ex Crusaders, 11.30am, Edendale v Wyndham, Pioneer v Mataura.

Small Blacks: Pioneer White v Pioneer Red, 11.30am, Edendale v Wyndham, Mataura v Excelsior.

Black Dots: 11.30am, Edendale Cheetahs v Ex Chiefs, Ex Highlanders v Mataura, Pioneer White v Waikaka, 11.30am, Edendale Tigers v Wyndham, Pioneer Red a bye.

The Southland-wide rugby draw for Saturday (unless otherwise stated is):

Galbraith Shield – 3pm: Lone Star Star v Winton's Middle Pub Midlands, Midlands (Kirk Rae ref, Michael Taylor AR 1, John Evans AR 2); Friday, 7.30pm: Fordes Autos Pirates Old Boys v Road Safety Woodlands, Rugby Park Stadium (Gareth Scott ref, Dwayne Mckenzie AR 1, Brett Johnsen AR 2); 3pm, Preston Russell Law Blues v Kelvin Hotel Marist, Les George Oval (Andrew Rowland ref, Christopher Vergeer AR 1, John Bowman AR 2).

Premier B – All games at 1.15pm: Cleanways Star v Bottom Pub Midlands, Midlands (Michael Taylor ref); Cruickshank Pryde Pirates Old Boys v Heenans Transport Woodlands, Centrepoint G4, (Dwayne Mckenzie ref); Speight's Alehouse Blues v John Mulholland Builders Ltd Marist, Les George Oval (Christopher Vergeer ref).

Speight's Southland-wide division 1 – All games at 3pm: Herberts Transport Edendale v Wilson Shearing-Braven Scanning Wyndham, Edendale 1 (Michael Bowman ref); Mataura v The Ranch Cafe Bar & Grill Te Anau, Mataura 1 (Nathan Lyall ref); McDowall Transport Contracting Ltd DLS v AJ Auto Electrical-Foveaux Communications Waikiwi, Limehills 1 (Peter Wilkinson ref); Royal Hotel-Waikaka Transport Waikaka v Andrews Transport Riversdale, Waikaka 1 (Steve Nicholson ref).

Division 1 B – All games at 1.45 (unless otherwise stated): Edendale v Silage-Balage Wyndham, Edendale 1 (Jim Thompson (Otago) ref); Mataura v Elders Pastoral-Four Square Te Anau, Mataura 1 (Mike Saunders ref); McDowall Southland DLS v Fisher Aluminium Waikiwi, Limehills 2 (Barry Todd ref); 2pm: South Scan-Southland Wide Shearing Waikaka v Waikaia Riversdale, Waikaka 1 (Dave McKelvie ref).

Division 2 – All games at 3pm: Hokonui Rural Transport Pioneer v Transport Services Ltd Ohai-Nightcaps, Pioneer 1 (Anton Sanford ref); Mossburn Stags v Balfour/Lumsden, Mossburn 1 (Lennox Crawford ref); Ryal Bush Transport Central Pirates v Riverton Real Estate Riverton, Central Pirates 1 (Barry Simmonds ref); Southland Steel Buildings Wrights Bush v Otautau Four Square Otautau, Wrights Bush 1 (Bryan Kennedy ref); Titiroa Transport Ltd Tokanui v Southport Bluff, Tokanui 1 (Carl Stewart ref); Waiau Hotel Waiau Star v AGWELD Engineering Collegiate, Waiau 1 (Liam Lowe ref).

Presidents grade – 3pm: Blues All Stars v Marist Hawaian Delights, Blues 2 (Warren Burns ref); 3pm: L J Hooker Collegiate v Bay View Hotel Bluff, Collegiate (Paul Trainor ref); 3pm: Marshall Industries Central Pirates v Placemakers Pirates Old Boys, Central Pirates 2 (Neil Popham ref); 1.45pm: Mossburn Pirates Senior C v Grow Bulk Excelsior, Mossburn 2 (Peter Turner ref); 2pm, Southern Southland Contracting Tokanui v Hokonui Rural Transport Pioneer, Tokanui 2 (Allan Meikle ref).

Under 18 – 1.15pm: Aparima Tree Topping Riverton v JHC 1st XV, Riverton 2 (Martin Heath ref); 1.15pm: Titiroa Transport Menzies Under 18 v Southern Wide Real Estate SBHS Blue, MZ 1 (Damian Lavelle ref); 1:30pm, Westpac DLS v Quinns Pharmacy St Peters 1st XV, Limehills 1 (Mark Findlay ref).

Under 16 and 17 – 12.30pm: DLS Midlands v Te Anau, Limehills 2 (Brendon Roff ref); 1.30pm: JJ's Menzies v Southern Wide Real Estate SBHS White, Tokanui 1 (Phillip Botting ref); 1.15pm: Southern Wide Real Estate SBHS Red v James Hargest, Centrepoint 5 (John Bowman ref); 1.15pm: Southland Vegetation Gore High 2nd XV v Aurora Arowhenua Kura, Gore HS 1 (Daniel Diack ref).

Under 15 – 1.15pm: Aurora Arowhenua Kura v Winton Hotel Midlands, Aurora 2 (John Evans ref); 1.15pm: Battery Town Gore High v St Peters, Gore HS 2 (Alvin Brown ref); 1.15pm: Southern Wide Real Estate SBHS Blue v Riverton, Centrepoint G6 (Brett Johnsen ref); 12pm: Tisbury Wools Menzies v Southern Wide Real Estate SBHS Red, MZ 2 (Paul Gray ref); 1.15pm: Verdon U 15 v JHC U 15, Verdon College 2 (John Pfeifer ref).

Under 14 – 4pm: Advance Agriculture Menzies v Southern Wide Real Estate SBHS White, MZ 1 (David Mckelvie ref); 12pm: DLS Midlands v Northern Pirates, Limehills 1 (Jeremy McAlister ref); 12pm: High Country Helicopters Gore High v Verdon U 14, Gore HS 2 (Taylor Scott ref); 12pm: Southern Wide Real Estate SBHS Gold v Southern Wide Real Estate SBHS Blue, Centrepoint G7 (Dean VanBrecht ref); 12pm: Vet South St Peters v Southern Wide Real Estate SBHS Red, St Peters 2 (Dylan Pascoe ref).

Sub-union representative fixture: June 7, 2.30pm: Country v Town, Waikaka 1 (Mike bowman ref, Peter Wilkinson AR 1, Kirk Rae AR 2).

Note: Southland Country training is at Midlands today at 7pm.

The Town Primary rugby draw for Saturday is:

Placemakers under-13s trophy: 10.30am, Centrepoint G1, Allied Workforce Star v Harcourts Marist (Referee Aaron Watt); 10.30am, Centrepoint G2, Ezy Kitchens Pirates-Old Boys v Ray White Real Estate Waikiwi (Cassie Carvell); Marshall Industries Woodlands/Myross Bush a bye.

Under 12s: 10.30am, Tokanui 1, Keast Electrical Tokanui v Frews Marine (Waikiwi); 10.30am, Centrepoint G3, Blues v Challenge Bluff (Robert Lindsay); Harcourts Marist a bye.

Under 11s: 9.15am, Centrepoint G1, Harcourts Marist v Stewart Island Flights Star (Jacob Howe); 9.15am, Centrepoint G2, Pirates-Old Boys v Bayleys Real Estate Tracy Beer Woodlands/Myross Bush (Sheldon Soper); 9.15am, Centrepoint G3, Southland Farm Machinery Star v Barry Stewart Builders Waikiwi (Dermot Hughes); Blues a bye.

Under 10s: 9.30am, Tokanui 1, Blues Warriors v R&L Brunton Mobile Engineering Tokanui; 9.30am, Centrepoint G6, Wilson Contracting Woodlands v Pirates-Old Boys (Jake Michels); 9.30am, Centrepoint G6, Blues Lightning v Myross Bush; 9.30am, Centrepoint G5, Collegiate v Harcourts Marist Green (Luke Dawson); 10.30am, Centrepoint G7, Struan Robertson Plumbing Waikiwi v Star; Harcourts Marist Black a bye.

Under 9s: All games at 10.30am, Centrepoint G5, Blues v McStay Contracting Woodlands; Centrepoint G4, Foveaux Dairy Bluff v Total Span Waikiwi; Centrepoint G4, O'Connor Contracting Gorge Road v Star; Centrepoint G7, Harcourts Marist v Pirates-Old Boys.

Under 8s: 9.30am, Tokanui 2, Forwood for Life Blues v Borlase Dipping Tokanui; 10.30am, Centrepoint G6, Evergreen Motel Waikiwi v Bmac Sheetmetal Star; 10.30am, Centrepoint G6, King 'O the Road Bluff v Harcourts Marist Makos; 10.30am, Centrepoint G5, Collegiate v Harcourts Marist Sharks; Pirates-Old Boys a bye.

Under 7s: 10.30am, Tokanui 2, Titiroa Transport Tokanui v Malloch McClean Myross Bush; 10.30am, Tokanui 2, Waimahaka Garage Tokanui v Pirates-Old Boys Gold; 9.45am, Centrepoint G10, Blues Stags v Star Blue; 9.45am, Centrepoint G10, Star White v Pirates-Old Boys Blue; 9.45am, Centrepoint G11, Stabicraft Woodlands v Harcourts Marist Stags; 9.45am, Centrepoint G11, Kapuka Transport Gorge Road v Harcourts Marist Tigers; 10.30am, Centrepoint G10, Blues Cheetahs v Star Stripes; 10.30am, Centrepoint G10, Nightcaps Contracting Waikiwi v Pirates-Old Boys Black; 10.30am, Centrepoint G11, Singleton Signs Waikiwi v Harcourts Marist Lions; 10.30am, Centrepoint G11, Bluff Electrical Bluff v Collegiate; 10.30am, Centrepoint G12, EIS Electrical Woodlands v Harcourts Marist Panthers; 10.30am, Centrepoint G12, L&M Transport Ltd Waikiwi v Nelsons Drill and Blast Myross Bush.


The Southland Trailer Yacht Squadron's Queen's Birthday Weekend cruise will be held on Lake Te Anau this weekend. Meet at Te Anau downs on Saturday morning. All trailer yachts are welcome.


The Kaitangata Pistol Club, ISSF Targets (P) will be held on Sunday at 11am.


The Fiordland Squash Club Queen's Birthday Tournament, first-round draw is:

Friday – C1, 5pm: D Nieuwenhuyse v G Brown, 5.30pm: J Harwood v S Norris, 6pm: K Wilton v G Newcombe, 6.30pm: D Stevens v S Reed, 7pm: M Morton v B Frew, 7.30pm: W Pearson v D Gibson, 8pm: F Knighton v A Jones, 8.30pm: A Shaw v A Hay, 9pm: T Ellis v K Baldock, 9.30pm: G McRobbie v A Scott, 10pm: C Hogg v N Titchmarsh, 10.30pm: G Taylor v Y Fuehrer, 11pm: A Rye v F Marshall, 11.30pm: J Collins v K Michell.

C2, 5pm: M Scott v A Webb, 5.30pm: C McKinnel v K Wilson, 6pm: B McClean v K Heaps, 6.30pm: D Phelan v W Fowler, 7pm: C Nicholls v R Wilson, 7.30pm: K Flynn v D Carmicheal, 8pm: K Christie v R Hart, 8.30pm: J Clearwater v G Taylor, 9pm: B Scoullar v P Shaw, 9.30pm: N Mitchell v J Hamilton, 10pm: C Whithy v H Buchanan, 10.30pm: F Bell v K Fairweather, 11pm: H Manson v M Buchanan, 11.30pm: A Hamilton v J Skeggs.

Saturday – C1, 8.30am: J Watt v K Searle, 9am: D Keen v S Cust, 9.30am: K Roy v P Dixon, 10am: G Burgess v A Manson.

C2, 8.30am: A Clearwater v A Preston, 9am: A Scoullar v K Henry, 9.30am: J Gerken v D Turnbull.

Games to be played earlier: R Fairweather v P Carmicheal, H Brownlie v L Jones, M Williams v G Dainty, J Roy v M Gerkin, G Marsh v J McClean, M Christie v T Dainty, W Zepher v TBA.


The Southland table tennis winter interclub draw for tomorrow is:

Round 1 – A Grade: Eagles 1 v Lindis 1, Eagles 2 v Lindis 2, I W M C 1 a bye.

A Reserve Grade: The Colonials v Southland District Council, Eagles 3 v Lindis 3, Eagles 4 v I W M C 2.

B Grade: Eagles 5 v SBHS Team AA, Ontrack v Young Ones, Lindis 4 v SBHS Awesome, Powernet v SBHS Rubber Duckys, Wallacetown a bye.

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