Draws and results for September 14

06:00, Sep 15 2011

Draws and results from the southern region.



The Invercargill Indoor Bowls Sub-Centre's Closing Triples tournament resulted:

Semifinals: Makarewa Country beat Grasmere 3, 6-0; Grasmere 1 beat P Durry 4-3.

Final: Grasmere 1 (S Laurie, D Adams and C Riley) 3, 1; Makarewa Country ( M Ryder, L Wheal and L Wheal) 1, 2; Grasmere 3 (G B Low, J Webster and J Hill) and P Durry, C Braithwaite and P Durry equal 3.


Plate: Oteramika 2 (J Hoddinott, J Perriam and J Tait) 2, 1; D MacDonald, E Dawson and G Toomata 0, 2; Myross Bush 2 (D Craig, H Gilmour and B Nieborg) and Tisbury 1 (U Roulston, S Wishart and J Fanning) equal 3.



The Royal Academy of Dance Graded exams, held in Invercargill, resulted:

Pre-Primary in Dance: Pass, L Bailey, K Barker, J Belesky, L Black, T Greenwood-Black, E Tua-Brown, R Bruce, Z Mahia-Colvin, T Christiansen, P Donnelly, P Dunphy, R Eckhold, J Emms, M Fletcher, L Fuller, L Gauldie, B Halder, M Hamilton, C Hartley, E Hawkes, J Holland, S Hubber, L McAra, K McGregor, A McIntosh, O McLeod, A Middlemiss, S Morris, M O'Connor, O Pita, J Saxton, A Schmidt, D Takitimu.

Primary in Dance, Merit: C Best, B R Heads-Bragg, A Collie, H Dudley, L Duncan, L Hamilton, M Harper, C Herrick, A Lang, G McRae, K Osborn, H Robertson, B Robinson, M Smith, H Stevens, D Wilson; Distinction, A Baird, P Barlow, M Brazier, L Braddock, J Butson, E Collinson, A Dermody, S Kelsall, C Maclennan, K Phillips, M Pope G Popham, B Sansom.

Grade 1: Pass, P Campbell, M Leadley; Merit, L Baynes, E Britton, C Collie, M Cunningham, A Findlay, M Forbes, C Fraser, M Hawkins, D Jamieson, T Labes, E Livingstone, J McCombe-Rae, F McKenzie, A Morris, P Nesbit, N Rowland, R Short, A Smith, C Taylor, A Wright; Distinction, E Buchanan, M Grieve, L Haywood, P Johnson, B Loan, B McLeod, A Parkinson, B Takitimu, R Wilkes.

Grade 2: Merit, R Akeroyd, X Belesky, E Du Plessis, J Elliotte, G Eruera, F Hislop-Gray, U Jacques, S Lang, J Laurie, C McMurdo, E McTainsh, A Mandeno, B Mathieson, A Moffat, L Nind, J Smith, S Steel; Distinction, M Flannery, G Jennings, P Kemp, E McLeod.

Grade 3: Merit, M Batt, R Checketts, R Hewitt, J Fleck-Hillman, E Jones, M Kenny, A Moreton, L Moreton, S Morris, E Riley, M Scobie; Distinction, C Akeroyd, L Blue, D Burrows, C Cox, D Harris, E Kelly, A Laurie, K Loan, A Maclennan, E Milne, P O'Connell, M Robert, D Schmidt, G Stevenson, K Sutton, E Wallace, S Wilde.

Grade 4: Merit, R Bodkin, E Devlin, M Kelly, M Maginn, S Meikle, T Paterson, K Ryan; Distinction, H Barber-Barnes, A Bell, H Dawson, M Haywood, M Laker, H Moir, I O'Donnell, M Tommei, M Townley.

Grade 5: Merit, A Jolly; Distinction, D Axtens, S Bernard, B Harris, C Lewis, B Madoc, G Madoc, B Robert, L Wilson.



Stableford – Best over field: L van Boxtel 41 points.

Men: P Rabbitt 38.

Women: J Laing (Tall) 39.

Stableford – Best over field: L Boag 47.

Men: G Bush 46, K McCrostie 44, T Barr 42, M McIvor 41, R Ruffell 42.

Women: T May 40, V Troup 37, S Lindsay 35.

Net eagle: No 15, J Barrie. Two: J Barrie, T Barr.

Single par – Best over field: P Dennison 7 up, R Ruffell 6 up, H Smith 40 up by lot, W Gregory.

Net eagle: No 8, D Shirley.

Twos: D Shirley, L Gray, P Dennison.

Nine-hole women's medal – Division 1, 18-24: A Donaldson 52-19-33, W Kinney 57-19-38.

Division 2, 25-28: L McIntosh 62-26-36, U Smith 65-28-37, M Clarke 66-28-38.


Ascot Park American Foursome: B Mexted and J Tangney 48, B and K McEwing 47, G and R Millar 45.

Twos: J and A McDowell, G and R Millar.

Nearest the pins: Women, R Millar; Men, M McKay.

Single Stableford – M McKay 47 points, S Davie 41, S Corbin 39.


Nine hole Electic, Senior 0-24: N Hamilton 38, J Lambie 28 on countback, B Price 28.5.

Intermediate 25-38: S Diack 26, G Price 27.5, D Price 28.

Nearest the pin in two: 9-18, D Gilbert, N Hamilton.

Queens Park ball: A Smith.

Longest putt: G Price. Two: N Darcy.


Stableford – J Rout 34 points, T White 33.

Two: J Kelly. Net eagle: No 7, J Kelly.


Wednesday Stableford: A Tangney 40 points, B Shepherd 40, J Sherlock 39.

Twos: P G Howley, D Hall.

Medal and Barbara Nichol Trophy – Silver: A Gerken 76-3-73.

Bronze A: P Cracknell 100-27-73.

Bronze B and C: D Evans 112-31-81.

Nearest the pin: A Gerken. Two: A Gerken.

Stableford and June Urwin Jug – Silver: A Gerken 41 points, J Milne 37 on countback, T Marshall.

Bronze A: A Perkins 38, M Baillie 37 on countback, V Capitaneas 37.

Bronze B and C: M Mee 34 on countback, J Pope 34, L Neilson 33.

Twos: A Gerken (2), T Halder.

Nearest the pin: M Baillie.

Hidden-hole Stableford: G Dempster 29 on countback, P Forde 29 on countback, J Milne 29.

Twos: H Chadderton, N Kane.


Stableford – S Turton 93-23-70, 37 points, 1; L Sinclair 95-22-73, 35, 2; J Jones 101-25-76, 31, 3.

Net eagle: S Turton.


Stableford – Men, division 1: P Roberts 79-13-66, 41 points; J Munro 40 on countback; W Hendrick 40.

Women: B Breen 100-58-71, 38 on countback, A Munro 38, L Brown 36.

Net eagle: No 12, L Browen.

Birdies: No 1, J Mills.

Nearest the pins: 4 and 13, J Mills; 6 and 15, A de Pass.

Longest putt: P Roberts.


Jubilee Trophy – Men's net: B Proctor 64, G Haora 66.

Men's Stableford: A Cook 36 points, B Hansen 35, G Drain 33.

Women's net: V Barclay 77, T VanEngelen 78.

Stableford: J Smith 27.

Nearest the pins: Men, B Proctor; women, V Barclay.

Longest putt: Men, B Hansen; women, J Cook.


Women's Stableford – R Calder 40 points, C Wilson 39, D Knapp 39.

Best net over field: W Wilson 95-30-65-43.

Twos: W Maclean, J Eade, W Wilson (2).

Muddy Creek Cafe nearest the pin: D Potbury.

Oaten Trophy: R Nicho and H Scott 78, C Noone and A Heckler 77, J Noone and H Scott 75, S Armstrong and A Heckler 75.

Two: O Bullock. Net eagle: J Noone.

Chatto Creek Hotel nearest the pin: A Heckler.


Women's home Stableford – Bronze: H Mills 40 points, J Russell 39, J Allan 35 on countback, M Whitford 35.

Bronze 3: O Carrick 39, A Cresswell 37, R Conley 35.

September 18: Four-ball better-ball, men, women, mixed, start 11.30am.

Wednesday haggle Stableford – Division 1: J Anderson 43, M Lome 39, R Dudfield 39.

Division 2: M Mohi 39, P Pou 38, G Nye 36.

Avis Williamson Aggregate Trophy: M Mohi 198, L Nimo 196, W Campbell 195.

Medal and putting, Women: J Henderson 101-22-79.

Men, red tees: W Campbell 95-22-73.

Men, white tees, division 1: G Henderson 98-18-69, D Sinclair 90-19-71, S Townson 89-18-71.

Division 2: M Mohi 94-22-72, P Morsink 82-8-74, B Mills 82-8-74.

Putting: M Devon, R Turner, 29.

Twos: L Nimo, L Knipe.

Nearest the pins: No 3, men 0-18, P Morsink; No 10 Open, S Wilson.

Birdies: No 5, B Mills, Y Pickford.


LGU and putting – Division 1: R Munro 96-31-65, 32; C Marshall 107-38-69, 40.

Division 2: S Froude 122-41-81, 41; G Clark 111-29-82, 37.

Railway Hotel nearest the pin: C Marshall.

Munro Drainage longest putt: G Clark.

Single par: S Manson 6 up, 1; M Manson 3 up, 2; S McCracken 3 up, 3.

Longest putt: T Racz.

Nearest the pins: Doggy Daycare, H Pienaar; Railway Hotel, M Broomhall.

Western Electrical player of the day: S Manson.

Two: J Roff.


Bisque par – Silver: G O'Rorke 3 up on countback, W Fairweather 3 up.

Bronze A1: A Hill 6 up, E Lawlor 5 up.

Bronze A2: D Kaio 8 up.

Bronze B: L Cook 5 up on countback, D McGregor 5 up.

Longest putt: V Wallace.

Single Par, Men: M Whibley 8, K Carmody 7, T Shaw 7.

Women: E Joyce 5, R Leith-Forbes 4.

Nearest the pins: 0-18, T Shaw; 19-36, J Gregory.

Longest putts: 0-18, R Anderson; 19-36, B Stranger.

Birdies: No 16, W Fairwhether, K Carmody.

Net eagle: No 15, B Stangster.

Twos: B Harrington, I Forbes.


Women's Home and Carriers Arms Stableford – Division 1: J Crackett 34 points, A Fraser 33, D Ericson 33.

Division 2: C Baker 40, B Hine 35, S Reynolds 34.

Nearest the pin: C Baker.


Women's SOOHS medal and chisel putting – Medal: A Robertson.

0-18.4: J Kelly 81-10-71.

18.5-25.4: A Robertson 89-19-70.

25.5-40.4: A Gilston 109-35-74.

40.5-54.4: J Beattie 119-46-73.

Putting: 0-25.4, A Robertson 28.

25.5-54.4, A Gilston 30.

Two: No 16, A Robertson.

Nearest the pin: J Beattie.


LGU and putting – Division 1, 0-28.4: L Fountain 93-25-68, L Chambers 97-25-72.

Division 2, 28.5-34.4: C O'Brien 108-34-74, G Templeton 105-31-74, V Balneaves 110-33-77.

Division 3, 34.5-40.4: W Ashcroft 111-38-73.

Nine-hole LGU and putting: M Fala 78-27-51.

18-hole putting button: W Ashcroft.

Nine-hole putting button: L Gray.

Net eagle: No 2, C O'Brien.

Top Cats: L Fountain and C Dennison 73.

Tuatapere Freight nearest the pin: V Balneaves.

Best net over field: L Fountain.

Gilmour Rosebowl challenge: Tuatapere 4, Mataura 1 (B O'Brien beat A McAlister 1-0, W Knowler beat N Clark 2-0, L Fountain beat L Brown 3-1, G Templeton beat M Murray 1-0, W Ashcroft lost to C McLeod 5-4).

N Fowle 83-13-70, 38; W Laurie 83-12-71, 37; S Hammond 92-21-71, 37.

Two: P Maloney.

Nearest the pins: Nigel Fowle Contracting 3-12, Z Fowle; Tuatapere Freight 6-15, C Ferguson.

Net eagles: No 11, N Fowle, P Gow; No 14, P Maloney.

Longest putt: W Laurie.


Stableford – J Popham 48 points, L Mathieson 42, M Calder 41.

Hidden birdie: No 9, D Sutherland.

Nearest the pin: S Hastie.


Mens 36-hole Champs Gross - division 1, senior: C Harper (Inv) 139, 1; S Hollyer (Wan) 141, 2; B McEwan (StCl) 142, 3.

Division 2, intermediate: S Forshaw (Atn) 150, 1; C Finn (QP) 152, 2; T Brent (Wan) 158, 3.

Division 3, junior: B Mowat (Wan) 174, 1; M Ewing (Ash) 176, 2.

Men's 36-hole Champs Nett - division 1, senior: Ryan Shuttleworth (Wan) 138, 1; J Kahukura (Omak) 139, 2; G Barbara (Wan) 139, 3.

Division 2, intermediate: B Steel (Wan) 139, 1; M Searle (Atn) 142, 2; M Ayto (GA) 142, 3.

Division 3, junior: R Leckie (Wan) 139, 1; V Moore (Wan) 141, 2; G Ballard (Wan) 142, 3.

Men's four-ball better-ball: J Hogan and M Kelly 59 net, 1; K Laird and K Waller 59 net, 2; M Hyndman and TKearney 59 net, 3.


Women's LGU medal and putting – Silver: H Baird 85-13-72, V Clark 95-20-75, N Wilson 92-16-76.

Putting: N Wilson, P MacLeod, V Clark 32.

Bronze 1: R Stirling 95-25-72, N McCracken 99-24-75, A McDonald 101-26-75.

Putting: R Stirling 26.

Bronze 2: M Butcher 108-32-76, P Baxter 110-33-77, B Patrick 114-34-80.

Putting: B Patrick 30.

Bronze 3: A King 116-43-73, D Drain 122-47-75, M Martin 115-37-78.

Putting: M Martin 27.

B Reynolds longest putt: B Patrick.

Nearest the pin: V Clark.

Twos: V Clark, H Baird, A Dempster, A Baldey.

Stableford – Senior: A Baldy 43 points, R McKenzie 42, S Ashworth 40.

Intermediate: M Graham 38, N Thompson 38, G Carroll 38, G Baker 38.

Junior: L Dempster 37, N Hardaker 37.

Twos: G Baker, G Muir, G Carroll.

Nearest the pins: Winton Motor Centre No 3, G Baker; Central Southalnd Lodge No 16, G Cowie.

Peter Sim longest putt: A Ward.

Birdie: No 13, G Carroll.

Net eagle: No 10, N Thompson, G Baker.


Par match, Men: J R Thwaites 5 up on countback, 1; R Garthwaite 5 up, 2; A Pettersson 4 up, 3.

Women: W Whitson 3 up, 1; J Leckie, 2.

Three Rivers Hotel nearest the pins: Boiling Pot, A Pettersson; Waterloo, B Sinclair.

Twos: B Dynes (2), C Marshall, M J Dynes, A Pettersson (2).

Birdie: No 1, R Garthwaite.

Net eagle: No 5, T Rabbidge.

Bayleys longest putt: No 18, J R Thwaites.

Vic Milne single knockout winner for 2011: J R Thwaites 4-3; runner-up, M J Dynes.

Women's medal LGU and putting – Division 1: W Whitson 87-20-67, J McArthur 90-19-71, U Scully 92-20-72 on countback, N Mitchell.

Putting: J McArthur 27.

Division 2: M Pollard 97-29-68, J Leckie 102-31-71, D Walker 103-30-73 on countback, D Findlay 98-25-73.

Putting: M Pollard, J Leckie 30.

Three Rivers nearest the pin: W Whitson.

Wyndham Freight longest putt: D Walker.

Net eagle: No 11, D Walker.

Birdie: No 14, U Scully. Two: U Scully.



The Alexandra Harrier and Walkers Club Saturday run-walk will use the Clyde to Cornish Point hilltop tracks. Meet at the corner of Walton, Thompson and Rivers streets at 1pm. Duty Pack are those named M-Z.

The Alexandra Harrier and Walkers Club five members placings from Sunday's run are: P Sarson finished 52nd overall in 1hr 30:28; R Bromby finished 119th in 1hr 38:46; L Van Boxtel finished 437th in 1hr 57:11; L Allan finished 757th in 2hr 14:20; C Cricket (walking) in 3:02:52.


The Southland road championships will be held at Queens Park and, because of the Rugby World Cup, the start-times are: meet at noon, juniors start at 12.30pm, seniors at 1pm.


The St Paul's coaching and training night will be held at the Surrey Park all-weather track today at 4.30pm.



The Invercargill Festival Girls team 2011 to attend tournament in Timaru on October 18 to 21 are to assemble for practice at the Invercargill turf on Friday, 4pm to 5.30pm: Anna McLeish, Michelle Lindsay, Anika Plunkett, Ashleigh Graham, Alex Thurlow, Piper Muirhead, Hailey Laverty, Chelsea Faithful, Caitlin Kingsland, Olivia Fraser, Kate Ryan, Anna O'Connor, Kaitlyn Cotter, Caitlin Boyle, Phoebe Lee; non-travelling reserves, Laura Dennis, Annalise Carlaw; coach, Liz Maclean.



The Southland Orienteering Club street event will be held on Sunday, starting at Georgetown Scout Den, Saturn St Invercargill, 11.30am-1pm.



The Invercargill Homing Pigeon Society competition resulted:

Dunedin (4 lofts, 43 birds): W Beattie and Eastern Lad 1207.39mpm 1, G Holden and Spot 1202.43mpm 2, R Gentle and Eastern Gale 1158.12mpm 3; winners flying time 2-25-39, average speed 72.44kmh.

Three-bird team: W Beattie and Tisbury Lofts 934.33mpm 1, M Strong and Rimu Lofts 910.92 mpm 2, G Holden and Dominion Lofts 900.38 mpm 3; winners flying time 3-08-13, average speed 56.06kmh.



The Wanaka Gun Club club shoot resulted:

25-skeet: 24, C Nyhon; 22, C Carbon, R Craigie.

15-single rise: 15, R Craigie; D Nyhon; 24, C Carson, P Bayne.

25-Continental: 24, R Craigie; 21, P Bayne; 20, D Nyhon.

10-single barrel: 9, D Nyhon; 8, P Bayne; 6, S Nyhon.


The Wyndham Rifle Club shoot resulted:

Club Champion: M A Goodwin 1966.77, N McKay 1960.96, R Hunter 1947.75.

Under 21: R J Dunstan 1548.54.

Under 18: R Udy 1210.12.

Handicap: R Hunter 1499.130, R W Dunstan 1499.117, R Udy 1494.113.

12-card handicap: K Martin 1236.114, R Udy 1208.114.

Topknot Trophy: N McKay 787.40, M A Goodwin 786.34.

Most inners: N McKay 40.

Pot Luck Trophy: R Udy.



Young At Heart Doubles: Odds & Ends 63.5, 1; Dead Beats 60.0, 2; Magic 60.0, 3.

Male: High handicap game, R Tippett 221, L Cope 214; high handicap series, R Tippett 603, L Cope 572.

Female: High handicap game, J Jones 214, M Mount 203; high handicap series, J Jones 624, D Bolger 558.

Bowl For Fun Singles: J Hayes 58.5, 1; R Randell 53.0, 2; S Boyle 49.5, 3.

High handicap: R Randell 216, L Wilson 213, J Gill 210.

High handicap: J Gill 409, R Randell 402, L Wilson 388.

Coca-Cola Teams: The Stags 13.0, 1; The King Of Pins 10.0, 2; No Bmw 8.5, 3.

Male: High handicap game, D Garrick 213, M Caldwell 211; high handicap series, M Checketts 609, D Garrick 572.

Solid Gold Monday Night League: U Choose 71.5, 1; Osi 66.0, 2; Tatlers 65.0, 3.

Male: High game, P McMurtrie 200, G Harris 173; high series, P McMurtrie 564, G Harris 462.

Female: High game, R Trainor 171, L Van Turnhout 168; high series, G Clark 482, C Orr 446.

Mcleay Jewellers women: Red Devils 78.0, 1; Old Mates 71.5, 2; High Rollers 60.0, 3.

Female: High handicap game, S Houliston 223, J Pryde 213, B Queale 212; high handicap series, S Houliston 607, J Pryde 599, B Queale 573.

Special Olympics – Division 1: D Garrick 45.0, 1; S Boyle 42.5, 2; G Stark 41.0, 3.

Male: High handicap game, D Garrick 227, M Caldwell 227; high handicap series, D Garrick 449, M Caldwell 428.

Female: High handicap game, S Wilson 234, E Humphries 226; high handicap series, S Wilson 450, J Gregory 429.

Special Olympics – Division 2: J Dearden 48.5, 1; J Cussen 44..0, 2; N Von Tunzleman 41.5, 3.

Male: High handicap game, J Dearden 211, I Thompson 198; high handicap series, J Dearden 406, I Thompson 379.

Female: High handicap game, K Mckay 221, J Hayes 179; high handicap series, K Mckay 440, J Hayes 351.

Superbowl: The Pink Katz 70.0, 1; Shot Down 67.0, 2; Hot Shotz 64.0, 3.

Male: High game, J Dempster 180, B Henderson 174; high series, B Henderson 467, J Dempster 464.

Female: High game, S Clarke 147, O Botting 127; high series, S Clarke 393, O Botting 348.

JVs Rod & Resto: Resto Rebels 71.0, 1; Kleen Sweepers 58.0, 2; Dark Horses 56.0, 3.

Male: High game, J Zwetsloot 213, A Johnston 211; high series, J Zwetsloot 581, J Van Turnhout 571.

Female: High game, H Needham 98; high series, H Needham 263.

Special Olympics – Division 3: B Richardson 49.0, 1; P Burtenshaw 48.0, 2; N Clode 46.0, 3.

Male: High handicap game, T McNeily 251, P Burtenshaw 205; high handicap series, T McNeily 413, R Shanks 386.

Female: High handicap game, B Richardson 221, M Joyce 201; high handicap series, B Richardson 417, M Joyce 394.

Special Olympics – Doubles: Scooby Doo 47.0, 1; The King & I 45.0, 2; Little Women 41.0, 3.

Male: High handicap game, D Morris 232, C Elwood 226; high handicap series, D Morris 449, C Elwood 425.

Female: High handicap game, E Black 245, C Young 245; high handicap series, C Young 482, E Black 449.

Harringtons Corner Store pairs: Spare Parts 64.5, 1; Beagle Boys 60.5, 2; Powerbuilt 58.0, 3.

Male: High game, M Van Turnhout 223, J Van Turnhout 197; high series, M Van Turnhout 558, J Van Turnhout 552.

Female: High game, L Van Turnhout 166, K Hawkins 155; high series, L Van Turnhout 465, A Broad 420.

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