Draws and results for September 24

01:13, Sep 27 2011

Southern draws and results.



The All Saints Badminton Club Doubles Championships resulted:

A and B men's doubles – Box A: A Key and T Arikrishnan beat S Alford and D Beck 15-12, 15-9; J Oxley and C Squires beat B Buxton and S Gough 15-12, 15-11; A Key and T Arikrishnan beat J Oxley and C Squires 15-6, 15-7; B Buxton and S Gough beat S Alford and D Beck 15-12, 15-12; A Key and T Arikrishnan beat B Buxton and S Gough 15-4, 15-4; J Oxley and C Squires beat S Alford and D Beck 15-12, 15-11.

Box B: D S Kim and P McMillan beat N Austin and R Hamilton 15-13, 15-10; C Macdonald and L Hazley beat N Austin and R Hamilton 15-14, 15-13; D S Kim and P McMillan beat C Macdonald and L Hazley 15-13, 15-13.


Final: A Key and T Arikrishnan beat D S Kim and P McMillan 15-11, 15-13.

A and B women's doubles: J Perkin and D Raivaru beat I Taplin and S Cook 15-3, 15-3; S Shuttleworth and K Birchfield beat I Taplin and S Cook 15-6, 15-9; S Shuttleworth and K Birchfield beat J Perkin and D Raivaru 15-12, 8-15, 15-8.

C men's doubles – Box A: R Le Breton and B van Lueween beat A Shuttleworth and E Taplin 15-6, 15-8; R Le Breton and B van Lueween beat T O'Connell and S Taplin 15-6, 15-5; T O'Connell and S Taplin beat A Shuttleworth and E Taplin 15-6, 15-5.

Box B: L Perkin and J Raivaru beat T McMurtrie and J Todd 1-15, 15-14, 15-10; L Perkin and J Raivaru beat W Oxley and T Jackson 15-5, 15-12; T McMurtrie and J Todd beat W Oxley and T Jackson 15-3, 15-9.

Final: R Le Breton and B van Lueween beat L Perkin and J Raivaru 15-14, 15-12.

3rd-4th: T McMurtrie and J Todd beat T O'Connell and S Taplin 15-5, 15-11.

5th-6th: W Oxley and T Jackson beat A Shuttleworth and E Taplin 15-13, 15-12.

A and B Mixed doubles – Box A: C Squires and J Perkin beat D Beck and S Cook 15-13, 15-9; DS Kim and S Shuttleworth beat D Beck and S Cook 15-10, 15-10; C Squires and J Perkin beat DS Kim and S Shuttleworth 15-10, 15-8.

Box B: N Austin and S McCormack beat S Alford and K Birchfield 15-9, 15-9; S Alford and K Birchfield beat J Oxley and I Taplin 15-12, 15-12; N Austin and S McCormack beat J Oxley and I Taplin 15-10, 15-6.

Final: N Austin and S McCormack beat C Squires and J Perkin 15-9, 15-9.



Peggy Cockerill Trophy – North-South: D Horne and S McGowan 63.23pc, 1; T Cockerill and G Greenfield 62.96, 2; P Brockway and B Henderson 57.67, 3.

East-West: J Kelly and M Speden 67.56, 1; V Darling and P Davis 55.36, 2; M Kirby and S O'Shea 52.08, 3.

Handicap – North-South: A Jones and J Waipouri 71.28, 1; P Brockway and B Henderson 69.42, 2; D Horne and S McGowan 65.43, 3.

East-West: J Kelly and M Speden 70.36, 1; A Brinsdon and S Speden 69.23, 2; V Darling and P Davis 64.81, 3.

Mataura pairs – North-South: L Greenfield and R Hellier 63.74, 1; P Brockway and S Strang 56.04, 2; P Harvey and N O'Donnell 55.63, 3.

East-West: T Cockerill and P McKinnell 62.64, 1; M Gilchrist and T Morris 61.26, 2; V Darling and D Gray 56.87, 3.

Handicap – North-South: M Robinson and G Ross 71.40, 1; L Greenfield and R Hellier 70.39, 2; P Harvey and N O'Donnell 67.83, 3.

East-West: A Dynes and L Van der Linden 70.71, 1; M Kirby and B Ludke 69.96, 2; B McCann and D Stewart 69.41, 3.

Lindsay Trophy annual competition: Invercargill Bridge Club beat Gore Bridge Club.


Oreti pairs, silver division – North-South: K Cartwright and R Hickman 57.44pc, 1; D Skerrett and J Stark 56.28, 2; K Glover and E Tait 55.26, 3.

East-West: G Buzzard and P Tomlinson 64.86, 1; P Anstice and L Oliver 56.54, 2; P Tippen and Y Hughes 56.53, 3.

Competition winners: G Buzzard and P Tomlinson 57.82, 1; S Buzzard and J Tait 56.72, 2.

Iona pairs, silver reserve division – North-South: N Drain and N Calvert 60.74, 1; K Williamson and C Rodgers 59.71, 2; M McDonald and G Milne 53.93, 3.

East-West: C Dallas and L Davies 58.90, 1; D Sycamore and J Grieve 54.73, 2; G O'Callaghan and J Scully 53.98, 3.

Competition winners: K Williamson and C Rodgers 58.28, 1; P Dennis and M Frisby 55.36, 2.

Wallacetown pairs, open division: D Cooper and B Bouton 63.19, 1; C Scott and A Ramsay 61.81, 2; N Harper and A Scott 56.94, 3.

Competition winners: B Bouton and A Waghorn 61.06, 1; T Holloway and T Winters 48.80, 2.

Friday bridge, open division – North-South: N Harper and E Adamson 59.23, 1; S Reid and L Davies 58.63, 2; F Gaudian and B Davis 57.44, 3.

East-West: S Shaw and T Maxwell 59.82, 1; N Richardson and M Goodall 57.44, 2; D Mathieson and B Flint 56.85, 3.


Franklin pairs: B McCandless and R Reid 61.54pc, 1; M Cockburn and D Burrows 61.35, 2; N Carston and M Hughes 60.77, 3.

Handicap: W Fisken and R Slee 65.42, 1; A Kirkwood and P MacGibbon 64.65, 2; N McDonald and J Mundie 64.04, 3.


Pairs – North-South: U McBride and B O'Connell 67.18pc, 1; J Sutherland and S Todd 52.08, 2; P Slocombe and B McCrostie 49.47, 3.

East-West: O Crighton and T Hishon 63.69, 1; M Butterfield and M Toms 60.71, 2; R Wilson and B Simpson 58.33, 3.


Monday – North-South: R Fahey and R Holden 67.12pc, 1; C Scott and L Smith 60.87, 2; S and A McRae 58.70, 3.

East-West: P Norman and J Pullar 57.07, 1; N Eason and C Marshall 55.93, 2; J Batt and J Hunt 55.16, 3.

Thursday – North-South: M Jackson and L Oliver 61.88, 1; R and D Evans 59.39, 2; J Batt and A McRae 57.58, 3.

East-West: J Scarlet and S Wheeley 67.42, 1; M Hardy and M Maaka 64.71, 2; C Scott and G Stearne 62.44, 3.



Women's home Stableford: P Craig 39 points, G Todd 36, P Pattison 31.

McDonald button: 0-30, P Craig 91-22-69; 30-54, P Pattison 118-41-77.

WGNZ putting: P Craig 33, G Todd 34, J McDonald 36, P Pattison 36.

Longest putt: GTodd.


Women's extra LGU and putting – Home Stableford: J Hamilton 97-34-63, 27, 44; F Catto 101-27-74, 32, 33; S Racz 97-22-75, 28, 32.

Liz Murdoch Trophy: J Hamilton 44.


Entries for the Gore four-ball tournament on Monday at 10.30am are: H Vollweiler and J Michelle, W Agnew and M Tustin, J Greene and C Scott, D Watt and K O'Malley, J Gregory and J McColl, N Anderson and D Hoeflich, L Chittock and J Davis, J Kane and J Davidson, N Mitchell and W Whitson, L Froger and J Dore, M Pollard and S Speden, S Elder and D Herron, E Graves and M Haig, C Tretheway and P Macleod, A Fraser and M Robertson, H Williams and W Horne, A McAllister and V Ross, N Clark and A Thompson, J Smith and L Brown, L Copland and A Townsend, D Cleland and J Steele, L Byars and D Sutherland, G Balloch and D Cullen, J Pollard and A Carran, M McBride and B Duncan, M Shields and J Cockerill, G Stark and L Turnbull, N McDonald and J Wilkins, R Pettersson and M Pettersson, C Morris and J Leckie, L Harvey and P Harvey, N McIntosh and C McLeod.

Women's South African Stableford: K Wyeth and S Loney 93 points, J Cockerill and B Duncan 79, B Corcoran and A Carran 77.

Nine-hole Stableford: B Burns 11, R Whitaker 10.

Net eagle: No 1, D Logan, B Duncan.

Nearest the pin: M Shields.

MLT longest putt: M Shields.

Twos: S Loney, J Mason, J Cockerill.

Tuesday flight: M McBride 35 on countback, M Haig 35, J Dore 33.

Most one putts: M McBride (6).


SBS Bank home Stableford and June Urwin Jug – Silver: A Gerken 37 points, T Marshall 36.

Bronze A: H Mitchell 41, H Chadderton 39.

Bronze B and C: D Smith 37 on countback, M Maloney 37, M Mee 34.

Twos: A Gerken, H Chadderton.

Nearest the pin: A Gerken.

Stableford: J Pope 37 on countback, D Smith 37, N Kane 35 on countback, J Milne 35 on countback, M Maloney 35.

Twos: P Forde, M Maloney.

SBS Bank Wednesday Stableford: G Fulton 42 points, L Balneaves 41, A Smith 40.

Twos: R Wills, L Balneaves, W Douglas, J Baird, M Goodall, C Harper.


Wednesday haggle Stableford – Division 1: M McArthur 43 points, H Chesterfield 42, G Nye 41.

Division 2: L Nimo 40, I Ellis 40, K Wilson 39.

Division 3: M Mohi 39, T Feely 38, I Taulofa 38.

Two: M Mohi.

Net eagles: No 17, T Feely, J Anderson.

Avis Williamson aggregate: L Nimo 204, M Mohi 199, W Campbell 196.

LGU and putting – Division 1: J Allan 106-33-73 on countback, J Russell 97-24-73 on countback, A Cresswell 116-43-73.

Division 2: H Chesterfield 102-27-75 on countback, L Hitchcock 95-20-75.

Putting: D Ross 30, L Hitchcock 33, J Allan 33 on countback, J Russell 33.

Division 2: H Mills 34, H Chesterfield 34, A Cresswell 35.

Two: L Hitchcock, H Mills.

Medal: J Allan.

Putting: D Ross.


Wilkinson's Pharmacy Thursday Stableford – Women: N Pratt 42 points, B Nind 37, S Bonvin 36.

Men: W Chui 42, A Bowkett (Otumoetai) 41, P Waaka 40, S Kim 40, J Bitcheno 40.

Two: G Bush (10).


Bisque par – 18-holes: L Clarke 6 up, B Nicholson 5 up, H King 2 up.

Nine-holes: V Dillon 2 up, C Collins and M Dillon 1 up.

Nearest the pin: M Dillon.


Sixth ace and bisque par – Ace: B Harpur 96-27-69.

Bisque par – Silver: J Douglas 3 up, J Matthews 3 up.

Bronze: A Harvey 8 up, J King 8 up, L Ramsay 7 up.

Nine-holes: K McColl 5 up, L Bolger 3 up.

Perpetual Real Estate nearest the pin 16: J Matthews

Southern Lakes Helicopters nearest the pin 16 second shot: B Lyders

Fiordland Community Pharmacy nearest the pin 17: J Douglas.

Honeyfields Alpacas longest putt 18: A Harvey.


LGU and putting – Division 1, 0-28.4: L Fountain 93-25-68, L Chambers 97-25-72.

Division 2, 28.5-34.4: C O'Brien 108-34-74, G Templeton 105-31-74, V Balneaves 110-33-77.

Division 3, 34.5-40.4: W Ashcroft 111-38-73.

Nine-hole LGU and putting: M Fala 78-27-51.

18-hole putting button: W Ashcroft.

Nine-hole putting button: L Gray.

Net eagle: No 2, C O'Brien.

Top Cats: L Fountain and C Dennison 73.

Tuatapere Freight nearest the pin: V Balneaves.

Best net over field: L Fountain.


Women's extra LGU and Avalon Trophy – Silver: V Clark 93-19-74, P MacLeod 91-13-78, A Dempster 99-17-82.

Bronze 1: A McDowall 97-25-72, L Stephenson 100-26-74, R Stirling 103-25-78.

Bronze 2: A Corcoran 116-36-80, J Wilson 109-29-80, P Baxter 115-33-82.

Bronze 3: M Martin 114-88-76, A Baldey 126-44-82, B Shand 131-47-84.

Nearest the pin: P Baxter.


Women's Nassau pairs – Division 1: M Witheford and L Froger 499, I Walker and J Leckie 465, N Mitchell and J Owen 429.

Division 2: U Scully and H Thomson 419, N Mitchell and W Thwaites 409.

Birdie: U Scully.

Net eagle: U Scully.

Nearest the pin: Waterloo, U Scully.

Longest putt: I Walker.


The Southland Orienteering Club street event resulted: C Jones 200 points, 1; B Arnott 190, 2; E France 180, 3.



Young At Heart Doubles: Odds & Ends 69.5, 1; Magic 66.0, 2; Dead Beats 66.0, 3.

Male: High handicap game, L Cope 230, P Maher 200; high handicap series, L Cope 582, K Radka 542.

Female: High handicap game, G Gallagher 238, J Egerton 227; high handicap series, G Gallagher 627, J Egerton 623.

Bowl For Fun Singles: J Hayes 61.5, 1; R Randell 56.0, 2; 3 S Boyle 52.0, 3.

High handicap game: A Moore 256, L Wilson 230, 3 J Hayes 212.

High handicap series: A Moore 441, L Wilson 398, 3 J Hayes 390.

Coca-Cola Teams: The Stags 17.0, 1; No Bmw 14.5, 2; 3 The King Of Pins 13.0, 3.

Male: High handicap game, I Fluery 238, I Mead 234; high handicap series, K Broad 638, I Mead 626.

Solid Gold Monday Night League: U Choose 76.5, 1; Osi 71.0, 2; Tatlers 70.0, 3.

Male: High game, P McMillan 187, G Harris 179; high series, P McMillan 532, P McMurtrie 498.

Female: High game, L Van Turnhout 200, R Trainor 188; high series, L Van Turnhout 551, R Trainor 528.

Mcleay Jewellers women: Red Devils 84.0, 1; Old Mates 76.5, 2; High Rollers 65.0, 3.

High handicap game: J Anderson 220, A Thompson 203, 3 J Osborn 202.

High handicap series: J Anderson 584, J Osborn 570, 3 J Pryde 561.

Special Olympics – Division 1: D Garrick 49.0, 1; S Boyle 44.5, 2; 3 G Stark 43.0, 3.

Male: High handicap game, D Garrick 242, A Wild 225; high handicap series, D Garrick 468, A Wild 445.

Female: High handicap game, S Wilson 258, J Gregory 217; high handicap series, S Wilson 467, S Boyle 420.

Special Olympics – Division 2: J Dearden 52.5, 1; J Cussen 44.0, 2; 3 N Von Tunzleman 41.5, 3.

Male: High handicap game, B Kemp 235, I Thompson 211; high handicap series, B Kemp 447, I Thompson 403.

Female: High handicap game, J Hayes 221, K Mckay 214; high handicap series, J Hayes 432, K Mckay 407.

Superbowl: The Pink Katz 77.0, 1; Shot Down 73.0, 2; Hot Shotz 68.0, 3.

Male: High game, G Mckenzie 176, J Dempster 169; high series, T Gallagher 454, G Mckenzie 449.

Female: High game, S Clarke 158, O Botting 152; high series, S Clarke 438, O Botting 399.

JVs Rod & Resto: Resto Rebels 76.0, 1; Kleen Sweepers 61.0, 2; Dark Horses 60.0, 3.

Male: High game, A Kidd 236, B Gibson 219; high series, A Kidd 598, S Dryden 572.

Female: High game, H Needham 131; high series, H Needham 371.

Special Olympics – Division 3: B Richardson 53.0, 1; P Burtenshaw 52.0, 2; N Clode 51.0, 3.

Male: High handicap game, T McNeily 226, N Clode 205; high handicap series, T McNeily 410, N Clode 403.

Female: High handicap game, B Richardson 205; high handicap series, B Richardson 361.

Special Olympics – Doubles: Scooby Doo 49.0, 1; The King & I 48.0, 2; Little Women 45.0, 3.

Male: High handicap game, P Rouvi 247, G Barry 235; high handicap series, G Barry 436, P Rouvi 374.

Female: High handicap game, C Young 232, S King 224; high handicap series, C Young 464, S King 446.

Harringtons Corner Store Pairs: Spare Parts 69.5, 1; Powerbuilt 65.0, 2; Raylene & Eddy 61.0, 3.

Male: High game, G Low 235, J Van Turnhout 220; high series, P McMillan 585, J Van Turnhout 583.

Female: High game, A Tayles 183, R Clark 181; high series, A Tayles 490, L Van Turnhout 441.



The Invercargill tap Dancing competitions draw for this weekend is:

Today: 9am tap solo, S Peters, C TeTai, T Hayes; 9.10am slow tap, A Brookland; 9.15am waltz tap, S Hughes, A Maclennan, J Hourston; 9.25am song and tap duo, S and H Peters; 9.30am tap solo, L Baynes, A Winders, C Mclennan; 9.40am song and tap, B Stock, B Morrison; 9.50am impromptu, M Sutherland, J Honeybone, P Wilson, A Brookland, K Tohiariki, S de Thierry, N McKenzie; 10.10am slow tap, K Davies; 10.15am song and tap, H Wills; 11am tap solo, E Harrington, K Boniface, L Shanks, A Maclennan, G Nielsen, S McLean, A Niven, A Brookland; 11.30am boys only tap solo, E Winders, J Honeybone, N McKenzie; 11.40am Trio, E Christie, A Beaumont, A Hughes; 11.45am speed tap, B Stock, L McAuley, P Honeybone, B Morrison, S Nielsen, E Winders; noon, song and tap, D Sutherland, S Kerr, K Boniface, E Harrington; 12.20pm tap solo under-6 years, C Baynes, A Scott, N Sutherland, T Hayes, H Peters, B Nicol, H Wills; presentation and lunch break; 2pm waltz tap, L Johnson, A Hughes, P Wilson, L McAuley, A Beaumont, B Stock; 2.20pm song and tap, A Maclennan, E Caldelari-Hume, A Brookland; 2.35pm slow tap, P Tohiariki, L Shanks, G Nielsen, J Hourston; 2.50pm tap duo, J and P Honeybone, C and L Baynes, K Boniface and E Harrington; 3.05pm impromptu, S McLean, B Howe, A Nielsen, B Morrison, P Tohiariki; 3.20pm speed tap, M Sutherland, K Davies, J Honeybone, S de Thierry, L Johnson; 3.45pm Troupe, SRB Dance Alive Studio, Sycamore Studio of Tap; 4.15pm tap solo, S Kerr, S Hughes, E Caldelari-Hume, S Hiroki, D Sutherland, N Diack, J Hourston, A Nielsen; 4.40pm impromptu, E Winders, L McAuley, L Johnson, A Beaumont; 4.55pm tap duo, E Christie and A Hughes, A Brookland and B Howe; 5.05pm tap solo, N McKenzie, B Stock; 5.10pm Speed tap, L Shanks, S Kerr, D Sutherland, S Hiroki, A Winders, A Nielsen, S McLean, E Caldelari-Hume, J Hourston, S Hughes; presentation and results 7pm slow tap, C Brown, L McAuley, B Howe, N McKenzie, L Johnson; 7.15pm song and tap trio, A Beaumont, A Hughes, E Christie; 7.20pm waltz tap, S McLean, E Caldelari-Hume; 7.25pm song and tap, P Honeybone, E Winders, B Howe; 7.40pm tap solo, S de Thierry, P Wilson, L Johnson, J Honeybone, S Nielsen, L McAuley, M Sutherland; 8.05pm tap solo, B Morrison, M Brown, A Beaumont, C Brown, E Christie, A Hughes; 8.25pm tap solo, K Tohiariki, P Honeybone, E Winders, B Howe.

Tomorrow: 9am song and tap, M Sutherland, P Wilson, J Honeybone, L McAuley; 9.20am song and tap, L Baynes, A Winders, C Mclennan; 9.35am Speed tap, B Howe, E Harrington, A Brookland; 9.50am waltz tap, K Davies, S de Thierry, S Nielsen, M Sutherland; 10.05am impromptu, L Shanks, E Caldelari-Hume, S Kerr, A Winders, L Baynes; 10.20am song and tap duo, J and P Honeybone, L Johnson and L McAuley, N McKenzie and J Honeybone, P Honeybone and P Wilson; 11am restricted championship, S Hiroki, G Nielsen, A Niven, C Maclennan, E Caldelari-Hume, P Honeybone; 11.20am achievers championship under-10 years, S McLean, E Harrington, K Boniface, L Baynes; 11.35am achievers championship 10 years and over, E Winders, S Nielsen, L McAuley, J Honeybone, S de Thierry; 11.50am open championship under-10 years, A Brookland, A Maclennan, L Shanks; noon, open championship 10 years and over, N McKenzie, L Johnson, K Davies.

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