Wyndham HRC betting information

04:30, Nov 10 2012
Shane Walkinshaw
REINSMAN: Shane Walkinshaw drives Overezy in race 11 at Wyndham tomorrow. Overezy has been featuring at trials.

Betting information for the Wyndham Harness Racing Club meeting tomorrow:

* Stable changes

Race 1: Wazza Player, from Alex Milne (Edendale) to Craig Laurenson (Edendale).

Race 2: Exotic Girl, from Keiron Dance (Forbury Park) to Ngaire Buchan (Ocean View).

Race 3: Silky Leah, from Ray Kitto (Wyndham) to Russell Ferguson (Edendale).


* Gear changes

Sliding blinds on: Sherlock Bromac (R2), I’m Bettor (R3), Ultimate Player (R6), Givusmore (R7), Ultimate Sheldon (R11).

Blinds on: Daytona Beach (R1), Buck Stops Here (R7).

Trial form

Race 1: Trade Me Now, 3rd Gore, Wednesday.

Race 2: Sherlock Bromac, 2nd Winton, October 24.

Race 4: Lurah, 1st Ashburton, May 22.

Race 5: Larix, 1st Gore.

Race 7: Franco Synergy, 3rd Winton, October 24; Minstrel Boy, 2nd Ascot Park, October 17, 3rd Wyndham, October 3.

Race 8: B Fifty Two, 3rd Winton, October 24.

Race 11: Lockey, 2nd Rangiora, October 1; Overezy, 1st Winton, October 24, 2nd Ascot Park, 3rd Wyndham; John Of Arc, 1st qualifying trial Winton, September 19; Elusive Flight, 2nd Winton, October 24.

* Workout form

Race 1: Perfect Duchess, 3rd Wyndham last Saturday; Mokosun, 2nd Wyndham; The Fiery Filly, 1st Ascot Park, Monday.

Race 2: Sherlock Bromac, 1st Winton, November 1.

Race 3: Hezahotdude, 3rd Ascot Park; Lady Suffragette, 1st Ascot Park; Cantthinkofaname, 3rd Winton.

Race 5: Monnay, 1st Wyndham; Moons Countess, 2nd Wyndham; Lurah, 3rd Rangiora, last Saturday.

Race 7: Don’t Wanadie, 2nd Ascot Park.

Race 8: B Fifty Two, 3rd Winton.

Race 9: Hugo Seelster, 2nd Wyndham.

Race 10: Lite Jagermeister, 1st Ascot Park.

Race 11: John Of Arc, 1st Wyndham; Islegetem, 3rd Wyndham; Elusive Flight, 2nd Winton.

* Stipes’ file

Race 2: Bricky McGowan, Ascot Park last Sunday: Held up until well inside the 100m.

Race 8: Jerry Fitz, Ascot Park: Held up from the 400m and over the early stages of the run home before being angled wide on the track to obtain room.

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