Winton JC betting information

16:00, Nov 20 2012
Leda Beck
TRAINER: Leda Beck will saddle up Matoaka (race three) and Lady Burlesque (race eight) at Winton today. Both horses have won trials recently.

Betting information for the Winton Jockey Club meeting today:

* Stable changes

Race 2: Voodoo Beach, from Murray Hamilton (Omakau) to Steve Blair-Edie (Otautau).

Race 3: Tom Dooley, from Russell McKay (Ashburton) to Kevin Cairns (Winton); Fiatt, from Toni Croon (Cambridge) to Karen Horrell and Neville Patterson (Gore).

Race 8: Lady Burlesque, from Andrew Scott (Matamata) to Leda Beck (Winton).

* Gear changes


First start in blinkers: Big Boy Socks (R1), Loose Goose (R2), Southern Tap (R2).

First start in side winkers: Gem Flight (R1), Ventura Fox (R1), Bale (R2), Irish Lass (R3), Pinot Express (R10).

First start wearing a tongue tie: Fiatt (R3).

* Trial form

Race 2: Ri'Gah Brook, 2nd Wingatui, September 12; She'z A Virtuoso, 2nd Gore, November 12; Bale, 3rd Gore, November 12; Mr Kirk, 1st Gore, November 12; Loose Goose, 2nd Gore, November 12; Spic N Span, 3rd Riverton, November 3; Tornaveen, 1st Gore, October 8; Southern Tap, 1st Riverton.

Race 3: Just The Truth, 2nd, Gore, November 12; Drumpost, 3rd Wingatui, February 22; Bechtolsheimer, 1st Riverton; Matoaka, 2nd Wyndham, September 8, 1st Winton, September 23.

Race 4: Robbie Rooster, 3rd Riverton, equal 1 Gore, October 8.

Race 6: Porotene Sky, 2nd Riverton.

Race 7: Kung Fu Panda, 2nd Riverton, 3rd Gore, October 8; Katie's Diamond, 3rd Riverton.

Race 8: Lady Burlesque, 1st Riverton.

Race 10: Spoilt Princess, 2nd Gore, November 12.

* Stipes' file

Race 5: Phil Wenneck (also in race 8), Wyndham, October 26: Held up early in straight and shifted in near 200m to obtain clear run.

Race 6: Kina Win, Riccarton, November 10: Raced wide throughout. Just Frank, Wingatui, November 6: Crowded and checked at 350m.

Race 8: Motorboat Mike, Wingatui, November 6: Raced wide early stages. Buffeted and lost ground at 350m. Powder Creek, November 6: Shifted out abruptly at start. Checked and held up at 350m. Had to change ground outwards to find clear racing room.

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