Ascot Park betting information

05:08, Nov 24 2012
Brent Shirley
HORSEMAN: Brent Shirley trains Rowchester who is starting in race seven at Ascot Park tomorrow. Rowchester won at the Ascot Park workouts last weekend.

Betting information for the Invercargill Harness Racing Club meeting tomorrow:

* Stable changes

Race 4: Juanita Soleece, from Brent McIntyre (Wendonside) to Andrew Armour (West Plains). Fifi La Finn, from Andrew Armour to Ron and Julie McEwan (Ryal Bush).

Race 5: All For D B, from Jack Lynch (Nightcaps) to John Cox and Tracie McGrannachan (Winton).

Race 9: Canterbury trotter Our Blossom is staying at Andrew Armour's stable.

* Gear changes


Blinds on: Fifi La Finn (R4), Jack Bates (R4), All For D B (R5), Overezy (R7), Reserve Banks (R9).

Sliding blinds on: Arancia (R3), Sonia Ellen (R8), The Receptionist (R8), Makarewa Rick (R9).

* Trial form

Race 2: Chers Bettor Babe, 2nd qualifying trial Wyndham, November 14; Snazzy Jaccka, 1st qualifying trial Winton, August 15.

Race 4: Juanita Soleece, 3rd Wyndham; Highview Robyn, 3rd Wyndham.

Race 6: Parisology, 2nd Wyndham.

Race 7: Benihana, 1st Wyndham; Willys Boy, 3rd qualifying trial Winton, August 15; Domino Denario, 1st Wyndham, October 3.

* Workout form

Race 2: Brand New Day, 1st Ascot Park, last Saturday, 1st Ascot Park, November 10; Snazzy Jaccka, 3rd Ascot Park, November 10.

Race 4: Wintara Hope, 2nd Winton, November 8.

Race 7: Rowchester, 1st Ascot Park, last Saturday; Willys Boy 1st Winton, November 15.

Race 8: Vienna Eyre, 2nd Wyndham Tuesday.

Race 9: Makarewa Rick, 2nd Wyndham, 3rd Gore, November 10.

* Stipes' file

Race 7: Jaccka Opie, Wyndham last Sunday: Didn't get clear until late in the straight.

Race 9: The Fiery Filly, Wyndham: Driver Kirstin Barclay advised the stewards she did not believe The Fiery Filly handled the wet track.

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