Wyndham HRC tips

06:56, Feb 02 2013
Robbie Holmes
TRAINER-DRIVER: Robbie Holmes lines up his impressive qualifier Kate De Goldie in race two at Wyndham tomorrow.

Jamie Searle's selections for the Wyndham harness meeting tomorrow:

Race 1: Galaxy Hunter, Alley Way, Gentle Georgia.

Race 2: Kate De Goldie, Shadoogie, Southern Delight.

Race 3: Extreme Times, Den Helder, Its Bella.

Race 4: Liam Sienna, Julia Jones, Westburn Warrior.

Race 5: Whitney, Bet's Best, Jess Jaccka.


Race 6: Lucky Getaway, Tact Charlotte, Cantthinkofaname.

Race 7: Medonc, Elusive Flight, Highview Macushla.

Race 8: Fiery Del, Canardly Lover, Freyberg.

Race 9: For The Ladies, Cool Delight, Queen's Advocate.

Race 10: Windermere Lad, Its Ollies Excuse, Treasure Hunter.

Race 11: The Receptionist, Seabreeze Star, Tact Hayleys Delight.

Race 12: Real Kamwood, Miss Lisa, Taieri Wings.

Best bet: Real Kamwood

Longshot: Third Avenue (R6)


Wyndham betting information

*Gear changes

Blinds on: Jenny's Rubee (R5), Last Man Out (R6), Vienna Eyre (R9), Princess Delight (R11).

Sliding blinds on: Buonissimo (R2), The Witch Doctor (R6), V C Dell (R7).

* Trial form

Race 1: Sudon Speed, 2nd Ascot Park, Wednesday.

Race 2: Southern Delight, 2nd qualifying trial Ascot Park, September 12; Happy Note, 2nd qualifying trial Winton, January 9; Kate De Goldie, 1st qualifying trial Ashburton, January 9.

Race 6: Third Avenue, 1st qualifying trial Gore, October 10; Last Man Out, 2nd Ascot Park, Wednesday.

Race 7: Elusive Edgar, 1st Ascot Park, Wednesday.

Race 9: Elisaveta, 2nd Ascot Park, Wednesday.

Race 10: Doves Veecee, 1st qualifying trial Winton, January 9.

* Workout form

Race 2: Kate De Goldie, 1st Rangiora last Saturday; Southern Delight, 3rd Ascot Park, Sunday.

Race 3: Extreme Times, 1st Ascot Park, Sunday;

Race 6: Nottingham JJ, 1st Gore, Sunday; Third Avenue, 2nd Ascot Park, Sunday; Bulgarian Rock, 3rd Ascot Park, Sunday,

Race 9: Treble Cone, 2nd Ascot Park, Sunday;

Race 10: Windermere Lad, 1st Ascot Park, Sunday, 1st Ascot Park, January 19, 1st Ascot Park, January 13; Doves Veecee, 1st Winton, January 24.

* Stipes' file

Race 2: Shadoogie, Ascot Park, last Saturday: Badly held up on the final bend.

Race 10: Its Ollies Excuse, Ascot Park: Badly held up on the final bend. Supersub, Ascot Park: Inside the 1000m he was racing in restricted room, got a buckled wheel and flat tyre.

Race 12: Taieri Wings, Ascot Park: Held up on the final bend.

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