Thieves make off with flags

Two self-proclaimed "rugby nuts" were gutted after four large flags were stolen from outside their Regent St Dairy on Wednesday night.

More than $100 of Georgia, Scotland, All Blacks, Romania and England flags were pinned outside the shop and taken down every night.

When Sandra and Dallas Bryant went to help their daughter take the flags down for the night, they noticed all but one were missing.

The English flag hung proud and alone.

"They came along and ripped them down. I was angry, I was like `beep, beep, beep', but thank you for leaving the English one here," Mrs Bryant said.

In an ironic twist, Mrs Bryant was from Kent, in England, and had been following the English team all her life, while Kiwi husband Dallas was a true All Blacks supporter.

The pair had taken their obsession as far as enduring the pain of getting tattoos on the back of their necks.

Mr Bryant has the silver fern, and Mrs Bryant the English St George cross.

Tourists had commented on how good the flags had looked and the proud couple soaked up the rugby praise, after going out of their way to help with the World Cup atmosphere, Mrs Bryant said.

"We want them back; we can't replace them. I would put them back up if I had $100 worth of flags ... I hope their karma comes and bites them in the bum," Mrs Bryant said.

The Southland Times