Orcon's 'truly unlimited' ad irks

Last updated 18:53 16/12/2013
Kim Dotcom
Kim Dotcom

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Orcon's "truly unlimited broadband" advertisement featuring Kim Dotcom has been pulled after a complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority was upheld.

The ASA found the ad had a high level of ambiguity and the statement was likely to deceive or mislead the consumer.

The advertisement screened about 6.20pm on October 12 and featured Dotcom talking about "Third World broadband". Orcon could provide a "truly unlimited" service, it said.

The ad failed to mention how Orcon's fair-use policy allowed for temporary drops in download and upload speeds due to customers on "truly unlimited" plans downloading data in excess of Orcon's estimates, the ASA said.

The point of contention was around the word "truly" and whether or not Orcon's service reflected this.

Orcon said the use of the word "truly" in describing Orcon's unlimited plan was in reference to its policy that it did not restrict the data speed for its unlimited customer below that of the data speed for its customers that have capped data plans.

The ASA said Orcon's fair-use policy, which allowed for charging for extra use, even if that use was excessive, was a limit and, therefore, contradicted the claim of offering "truly unlimited broadband".

The advertisement was ordered to be removed.

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