Skype's Twitter, Facebook and blog hacked by Syrian Electronic Army

Last updated 11:31 03/01/2014
Hacked: Skype's Twitter, Facebook and official blog were compromised.
Hacked: Skype's Twitter, Facebook and official blog were compromised.

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This post was originally published on Mashable.

Skype's Facebook, Twitter and official blog are the latest hacking victims of the Syrian Electronic Army.

The Microsoft-owned VoIP service's Twitter account published a tweet that discouraged people from using Microsoft emails on Wednesday afternoon in the US (Thursday morning AEDT) and retweeted a similar message originally posted on the SEA's Twitter account. The two hacked tweets were visible on Skype's Twitter for at least two hours, but have since been deleted.


An identical message appeared on Skype's Facebook page, but was quickly removed, according to TheNextWeb.

Two posts on the company's official blog also showed signs of hacking by the SEA. One post is entitled "Hacked by Syrian Electronic Army.. Stop Spying!"


Both posts and Skype's entire blog now redirect to the company's website.

The Syrian Electronic Army also published other tweets that publicised its hacking of Skype's social-media accounts and blog.

The group, whose mission is to unleash pro-government propaganda on the internet, last year hacked the Twitter accounts of CBSE! OnlineThe Financial Times and parody-news site The Onion.

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For its hackings, SEA typically publishes pro-Syrian government messages, but the Skype incident seemed to focus more on privacy issues.

Skype was under fire for its possible connection to the US National Security Agency (NSA), after a July report alleged the company allowed communications to be intercepted and handed over to the NSA.

Skype did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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