Learn to spell with Sesame Street Fighter

Last updated 13:35 17/02/2014

MUPPET MASH-UP: Sesame Street Fighter is a browser-based, semi-educational beat-em-up that involves spelling out kicks and punches.

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Street Fighter has seen its fair share of mashups, but combining it with Sesame Street into a playable and semi-educational beat-em-up involving spelling out kicks and punches?

That has to be a new one.

Called Sesame Street Fighter, the in-browser game gives you a selection of six characters (with one locked), including Ernie and Bert as Ken and Ryu respectively.

Like me, you’ll probably try and crack out a few quarter-circle-punches before you realise you have to type words to attack, with the successful input of all the required letters executing a special move.

Your choice of character determines the difficulty and topic of the words you have to type, with the easiest being E. Honda/Cookie Monster with “Animals” and the hardest M. Bison/Elmo with “German scientists”.

Yep, I can see the majority struggling with that.

Rather than just type the words as quickly as possible, there’s some definite pacing involved if you want to perform your special move correctly.

If you stuff it up, you’ll have to start typing the entire word out again, which can be troublesome if that word is “Krasnoyarsk”.

For the curious, the characters themselves are based on those portrayed in the following DeviantArt poster.

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