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Last updated 14:55 24/03/2014

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Thanks to Game of Thrones, dragons are en vogue again. And US mail order catalgoue Hammacher Schlemmer is capitalising on their renewed popularity by letting you buy one of these amazing flying RC dragons created by Rick Hamel.

In the air it can hit a top speed of about 112.7kmh and on the ground it actually breathes fire. What more could anyone ever want?

To get the beast and its 2.7 metre wingspan into the air, a miniature turbine jet engine in its chest creates a thrust that blasts out the back at about 800kmh. And with alsmot 2 litres of jet fuel, you can fly this creation for up to 10 minutes before you need to swoop down and land.

Other details include a turning head, menacing glowing red eyes, and a propane-powered flamethrower in its mouth - ignited by a tiny stun gun - that can produce a 90cm flame. But only when on the ground; that feature is actually disabled during flight for safety reasons.

It costs US$60,000 (NZ$70,000). 

If you’re wondering why this contraption costs more than a car, here’s a question in return: When’s the last time you saw a car with a flamethrower on board?  

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